Winter Slipstream 2011

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Wow. What a challenge it is to try to put the last 72 hours into words.

From January 28-30, Connected in Motion hosted its 3rd Annual Winter Slipstream weekend and I could not be more excited about not only how the weekend went, but by what is to come.

My body is still pumping with adrenaline as I think back to all that happened since Friday–the amazing new friends I (finally) met (Laura Brandes, Jason Turner, Andy Goodell, to name just a few) and the ones I reconnected with; the experiences shared (Saci Mowinski’s training for the 125 km Canadian Death Race, Lizzie Scace’s world travels and 686 years of diabetes experience in one room) and the experiences gained (trying out the Inuit blanket toss, stretching our limits at the challenge course); and the momentum that was created and that will continue to move us forward.

Within the countless number of memories created over the weekend, one sticks out in my mind above all else. While we were wrapping up the weekend, I floated around the room and picked up on bits of conversations, here and there. As I was drifting past one group in particular, I heard Rebecca recounting to the group how she had been overcome with a sense of pride upon walking through the doors into the Slipstream this year. This is something that resonates with me as well.

Coming to Winter Slipstream and being surrounded by the experiences–the successes and challenges–of so many

amazing people who are pushing their limits is truly inspiring. We are all true champions. We are all living amazing lives and although diabetes may sometimes be a pain in the butt, the fact that we continue to push ourselves despite (or perhaps because of, or perhaps even IN spite of) living with diabetes evokes a sense of pride that I don’t think I could find anywhere else. I am so proud of each and every person I met this weekend. I am so proud to be riding in your Slipstream.

A huge thank you to each and every person who made this year such an outstanding success.

Thank you to every Slipstreamer who made the trek to Haliburton, Ontario (especially Andy for coming from Ithaca, NY; Iain from Prince George, BC; Laura from Victoria, BC; Lara from Calgary, AB; Jason from Moncton, NB; Genevieve from Sherbrooke, QB and Sarah from Calgary, AB) and to our drivers for making sure everyone arrived safe and sound (Andy, Kirsten, Saci, Mike, Sarah, Aaron, Nadine, Suzanne, Lizzie, Tammy, Chloe, Amy, Rebecca/Jenn/Trevor)

Thank you to the Slipstream ‘Team’ for the amazing team work that allowed this weekend to run so flawlessly (especially Chloe Steepe, Chelsea Lumiere, Hank Devos, Mark Davis and Sarah Ketcheson)

Thank you to everyone who was always eager to lend a hand (especially Amy Burrows for all of her help leading up to and cleaning up from Slipstream; Dylan and Iain for taking on random set-up jobs; Virtue, Sarah and Kirsten for the last minute help with Diabetium; Imran, Roland and Mark for staying so late to clean up on Saturday night… and everyone else who contributed in so many different ways)

And Thank you to each and everyone who so openly shared their experiences, their expertise and their excitement.

Can’t wait until 2012!

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