Winter time blues :(

What do you do to keep engaged in cycling over the winter? I keep to a scheduled workout on the rollers, and get a weekend ride in the cold almost every weekend. But it’s frustrating to be off the bike so much. What do you do to keep your cycling psyche up?


I think it’s ok to take a break. I ride sporadically from the end of October until about mid-December. Then start building my base up again with core exercises and strength training. I used to ride year round and got burned out after a decade of doing that. I’m aware of this now so I give myself a break but only from riding! I still check a dozen or so riding sites and blogs on a daily basis. When I do get out, it’s not a “workout” just riding to enjoy being out. To me the Spring and Summer are the times to be focused and train hard, the late fall and winter are times to enjoy cycling and life and clear my head for next season. Living in NE Ohio I know we will be under 12" plus of snow soon so I get out when I can. Plus this is the busy season for the large north America tire manufacturer I work for. 2010 planning and sales conferences out the ying-yang bring 9, 10 or even 12 hour days this time of year so I just go with the flow and thank my lucky stars there busy season is not in May and June!

However, this is just me. I think everyone has there own plans, breaking points, ideals. My advice would be to just enjoy the ride for a month or so. Even pros take a break to smell the roses.

I live in Southern Arizona, so winter is my prime riding season. I’m done when summer comes. The local hammerheads are out there in 110 degree weather but I can’t hack it. In the hot season I stay indoors and do Pilates or walk on a treadmill.