Winter warmer

I have decided to try my hand at making a lamb casserole something to warm both of us on this cold day, it was bitterly cold as I waived goodbye to her this morning at 7am the car windows were a bit iced up and it took a few minutes to defrost them.

First sort out the casserole pot ok found that, boil a kettle ok done that put half bag of Asda freshly frozen casserole mix in to the pot ok done that plug the pot on set a high open a bag of Asda diced casserole lamb put the cooker on and place the frying pan on a hob add olive oil heat up now put the contents of the diced lamb into the frying pan coat all sides and cook for 10 minutes ok done that now add lamb to casserole you can add the juices if you want from the frying pan I haveā€¦

On the other hob put a small saucepan on to boil half fill it with water, cur and dice 2 large red onions sheila and I love onions elps keep colds at bay as gran would say, mind you did not help my last cold which I i am still fully recovered from boil for 10 minutes strain and add to casserole, now take 2 large and I mean large mushrooms these are big enough to hide noddy and big ears in peel skin of top cut into smaller cubes and add to casserole, ok so far.

Next make a mug of coffee this casserole cooking is very tiring, gently stir the casserole mixing all the ingrediants now to finish it off add 3 oxo lamb stock cubes break these up in your hands and sprinkle on the casserole stiring again to mix them in.

Ok all we need is 24 hours gently cooking to bring it all to life when the wife comes home she will add the garlic and other herbs to crown the casserole off I would but have no idea how much to add.