Wish list for Medtronic Pumps

My pump’s warranty with Medtronic will expire next August. I am already thinking of what to do about a new pump then. I have issues with visibility and volume of tones with my Medtronic. I have worn a pump for over 15 years - have had 3 different manufacturers. I would like to remain with Medtronic because I also use the Carelink CMG.

The backlighting and size of font is miserable - even with the Revel which would be an upgrade to my Paradigm. I would ike to raise the volume of the alerts or have a different tone option. There are many times I do not hear the tones - my husband and pets do - but they aren’t always around when I miss an alert.

I have at the suggestion of my physician discussed this with Medtronic in the past - as my physician also hears this issue with other patients as well. Since diabetics’ sight is often effected with complications of diabetes I would honestly hope a manufacturer of a pump would keep these needs in mind as a real priority.

I have most recently again contacted Medtronic in hopes of bringing these concerns to mind for myself and others as well.

I have the same concerns as you AND for the last several months I have had soooo many problems w/cartridges and air bubbles…have u experienced this? Am putting off calling MM but I have a collection of over 25 cartridges Ive replaced. Don’t really want to go thru all the ?'s about my techniques…I am ready for upgrade also but don’t think revel is the one

The thing I do not like the most about the Revel is that almost every key punch (for any action) comes with a beep or vibrate, depending on how you set your pump. I have not seen this discussed and yet it is the most aggravating feature, to me. The 715 that I had before went about its actions quietly. I do not want a buzz every time my bolus finishes, every time I punch to get status, or do a quick bolus.

It is equal to the poorly lit, hard to read screen in aggravation–for ME. I have always been a strong MM supporter but it seems as if each new version adds more irritating features that you cannot get around. And I am not even mentioning the dumb questions they added.

I still need it because I need the 300 unit reservoir. So far. But no cartridge or bubble problems!

I have not had issues with air bubbles but have had multiple issues with kinked canulas. I’ve worked with Medtronic on this but about all they have done is replaced my inserter and suggest that I have scar tissue - I have worn a pump for over 15 years. The pump doesn’t indicated any issues as far as non - delivery - but resulting highs indicate delivery of insulin was incomplete. From what I have read - many others have experienced these problems as well.

me too, Donna…just recd replacements! new issue came up when I was on phone w/MM—my insertion site often has moisture in it. was told last yr was ok but the rep Thurs said NOT ok…I emailed pic to her but haven’t heard back