With Apologies to Mr. Rogers

So it’s a Yucky Day in the Neighborhood. I used to tell my students that as artists we might be easily bored, but it balanced out because we were also easily entertained. Boredom’s a problem I would prefer at the moment, but the easily entertained part might help. Anybody want to do a Playdate with me?

How about this: WEIRD FRUGALITIES…

I’ll start:
–I can’t stand to throw out a kitchen sponge until it’s disintegrating–not withstanding all those nasty kitchen bacteria we hear about. Hey, at least I keep separate sponges for kitty dishes and for ours!
—Same with really raunchy looking cookie sheets.
—For a good friend, it’s tiny slivers of bath soap that are clung to until the last bit of suds is squeezed out.
—Fabric scraps of near microscopic size–well I sew, maybe not too weird, except for the box of silk scraps that would need a lot of work to make a shirt for an ant!

Anybody else use stuff beyond it’s practical lifespan?

Be well…Judith in Portland

I use lancets until I have to prick my finger a million times to get a trace of blood, That is ridiculous, I know! Hey Judith, I have some scarps of fabric Iwas just going to throw away-now I want to send them to you!!! (Put your sponges in the dishwasher, then microwave afterwards for 2 minutes and they’re sterilized) I have a toothbrush I need to get rid of but can’t being myself to throw it out-wonder what that’s all about! I also have a few friends that need to go, but I feel guilty actually getting them out of my life! Any takes?

I, like Rachel, reuse my lancets forever. I can’t remember the last time I changed it. Months.
I also don’t change my sheets on a regular basis. Maybe once a month.
I also don’t cook. I buy all these great veggies and food and then the veggies go to waste. Makes me sad every time.
I like to have A LOT of extra toilet paper on hand. A LOT. And it’s gotta be the extra squishy, soft kind.
It makes me VERY happy to have a lot of Iams cat food for my cats (in the States) and a ton of diabetic supplies on hand. That’s when I know life is good–lotsa extra cat food, extra diabetic supplies and an insane amount of toilet paper!

:slight_smile: Life is good.

Well, there’s the lancets.
I do the sponge thing, too.
My shower and refrigerator are full of upside-down bottles so I can get the very last scrap of conditioner, shampoo, ketchup and/or salad dressing.
I wash and reuse plasticware.
I have a cupboard full of plastic food containters, even though I also have plenty of Tupperware type stuff.
I also have many pencils less than 2 inches long.

I have yet to reuse an alcohol swap, though.

When I was a kid and didn’t know how poor we were we used to wash and re-use plastic baggies and aluminum foil. We didn’t have any Tupperware… figuring out which cottage cheese container actually had cottage cheese in it was an adventure! I’ll reuse plasticware (plastic plates and cups) unless it’s gotten bent, but I don’t buy paper plates much anymore… It’s funny, I stopped using disposable dishes to reduce waste, but now the city has a severe water shortage and we’re being encouraged to use paper plates and throw them away. (Not sure I’d want to recycle my paper plates.)

Anyway, I do the “upside down bottle” thing too. I also turn one old bottle upside down (lotion, foundation, etc.) over the new one to get the last bit out of the bottom.

Oh, and I have a grad student friend who scoops out the part of the anti-perspirant that holds it into the applicator so that she can use every bit.

I would just like to say that I miss Mr Rogers. He was such a comfort…Like jJmmy Carter with a Pittsburger accent!

Aren’t you lucky to havea grandson! Talk about counting your blessings. I hope you get to see him as often as you like.

That is not that ridiculous seeing our “great” insurance does not pay for lancets. Although they are not that expensive but I am a cheap scap