WolframAlpha knows carbs and calculations with different serving sizes

I have worked with WolframAlpha to solve a little mathmatical problem. Then I realized that Wolfram despite of its mathmatical background has a great knowledge about facts. In contrast to Wikipedia it only uses verified sources to achieve that.

Here are some examples:
carbohydrates in multi grain bread
carbohydrates in whopper
carbohydrates in big mac
carbohydrates in banana
carbohydrates in pizza with cheese
carbohydrates in white bread
carbohydrates in coconut

You can also enter the serving size in any weight unit:
carbohydrates in 150gr pizza with 20gr cheese

OMG… this is fantastic

carbohydrates in big mac + small fries

yeah, that works… I love the food label nutrients. Also if you do something like ‘carbohydrates in 200g rice’ you get all that and the serving volume (231 millilitres). Also, it understands ‘carbs’ if you don’t feel like typing carbohydrates.

Now someone just has to teach it about diabetes, blood glucose, basal rates and boluses

this is neat, plain and simple …off to have some carbs ( meaning it’s supper time :wink: ) …thanks for the discussion

Just the coolest site! Thanks for sharing!

Great site to have bookmarked! Thanks for the post

And you can be so specific!:
Carbohydrates in 6 tablespoons of cooked rice

haha I knew that website would come in handy. I’ve used it for math problems before, but never thought about trying it for counting carbs. I’ll give it a go tonight