Woman Finds 8 Foot Python In Washer

The ordinary chore of washing clothes turns out to be anything but for a woman in Maine.

Mara Ranger found an eight-foot long snake wrapped around her soaking-wet clothes and not just any snake, but a python.

“I take my jeans out and then I put my hand back in there to get more and something moved under my hand. I jumped back and all of sudden it’s head starts coming out of the washing machine and I mean it looked huge,” Ranger said.

The python made its way through the water pipes and into the washing machine on the second floor of Ranger’s house, officials said.

“I had the willy-willies and I’m not kidding, I thought I was going to faint right there,” Ranger said.

When animal control arrived they couldn’t believe what they saw. The python was eventually removed.

Ranger said she’ll be paranoid when doing laundry from now.

“I’m going to be looking in the tub first and before and after, maybe even during the rinse cycle,” she said.

According to animal control, the snake was hungry and shedding which may have lead it to find water in Ranger’s pipes.

ABC News contributed to this report.

UHM My fear of snakes and now their saying you can find them in the washer??? I think dirty clothes are gonna be someone elses chore now!!! HA!!!

Richard…are you trying to remind us that other people have problems, too?

Not really Elaine, I am just always fascinated by snake stories. Wasn’t that nice of me to share? Lol!

Ugh NO! I HATE snakes!!! Now I’ll dream of them all night!!! HA!!!

Snakes are cuddly, misunderstood, and under-appreciated.

DA…let us know how that works out for you! (Getting someone else to do the laundry.)

What sort of person is fascinated by snake stories??? Just kidding…I don’t have a major problem with snakes. Spiders are my nightmare…ever since those jungle movies with the monster sized ones rolling up the hunters. Keep any spider stories to yourself, please!

Oh, dear lord…I think I’ll pass out now. I would rather have a spider. I have the worst fear of snakes…{{{{{{{shuddering, running screaming from the room}}}}}}}

I have to agree with you not Lee Ann here! If She finds snakes cuddly, misunderstood and under appreicated good for her…Lets just say I share your fear! HA!!

Heya - I have experienced this, too! Years back, I worked in New Guinea and one day the washing machine started smelling. So we pulled it apart - found a 10 ft python. He had crawled over the electrical connections inside - a 'short' life! But when I think of the number of times that I stood in front of that washer with my bare toes sticking under, or the number of times just putting clothes in/out - and thinking about those beady eyes watching through the gap! Picture attached.


And they taste delicious - especially deep fried!

Ah, but do you have snakes in the area to justify such a powerful stand?

Point for debb!

My grandfather told his grandchildren about a den if rattlesnakes that were located about a half mile from his house when he was a young man. He lived in the Blue Ridge mountains in south central Virginia. He asked a friend who played a flut to join him. They climbed up on some high rocks overlooking the area wher so many of the snakes had been seen. The friend started playing his flute and the slowly the snakes began appearing. Grandaddy was a marksman with his rifle. He shot snake after snake and killed many rattlers that day. He did not see any rattlers showing up on his property for years after that…Now, in case you are wondering, I do not believe that story. My grandaddy was a great weaver of tall tales, especially for his grandkids. He told many snake stories and other tall tales too. When I was a kid I believed every one of them. Lol!

OK OK Maybe I should tell everyone here why I have such a fear of snakes…Way back when I was a kid my great aunt and uncle lived on a farm and raised chickens. I mean that was the way when they grew up so they kept it up (this was back in the 60’s too) I was gatering egge from the chickens (maybe I was 5 or 6) put my hand up under a chicken for her eggs and pulled out a chicken snake! Needless to say it scared me and I have always told everyone around me it would not matter if it was a chicken snake if it bit me I would die from a heart attack! HA!! Of course the copperhead, cottonmoth, and rattle snake just added to my fear as the years went on. One time went I was in college and about 3 sheets in the wind I went over to an apartment owned by a fellow student and he had a python there . I didn’t know it was streached out across the back of the couch (thought it was a pillow)it moved and at the sametime the head came up about to my eyes…Needless to say I sobered up fast and didn’t go back!!! HA!!

Kathy I have to ask at=re you like me? I can’t even walk into the reptile house at the zoo! I’m so afraid they will get out that I refuse to go there! Back years ago I HAD to b/c I was a leader in the Girl Scouts needless to say I quit after that! HA! I didn’t want the girls to have the fear I did so I went through it, holding on to the assistant leader the whole way! HA! Those kids got a REAL SHORT vivit that day! HA!! I told them to have their parents bring them back!!! HA!!!

As I said, they are incredibly misunderstood creatures. They don’t have ears, and can’t hear. They can “hear” vibrations, but your yelling probably didn’t register much.

The part about them being more scared of us is absolutely true though. They will try to escape if they feel threatened, and only attack if they can’t escape.

I used to be terrified of them, but had a desensitizing experience so I overcame my fear, unwillingly but quite thankfully. It’s true that we’re afraid of the things we don’t understand or are unfamiliar with.

This unbelievable! Lol! A snake appears in a washing machine in Maine and we are now on the third page of posts about it on a diabetes website. I love it!! Lol! I think it is because we love to be scared but we might not want to admit it. Snakes can do that for most people. Spiders too. I love horror movies with monsters. Is this why we are still talking about snakes. Don’t get me wrong, Let the thread continue. I just like to step back and think about what is happening sometimes.

Did you hear the one about the snake that slithered up the pants leg of a camper in his sleeping bag and crawled out the top of his shirt and hissed in his face as he woke up???..