Woman receives islet cell transplant at Ohio State

I found this article on a Type 1 Diabetic had the islet transplant.

Where do I sign up!!! Though this is kind of old news its great to see some people getting relief from this nightmare of a condition. I’m not sure whether I believe this will ever be a standard treatment for anyone with diabetes. Like what LCT is doing for starters they need to get it done without anti rejection drugs… Then the cost of the treatment is another big issue. I still think are best hope for those in or near midlife will be the Smart Insulin breakthrough.

This is new for Ohio State, but not new. There are several centers in the US currently performing islet cell transplants. For information on this, go to this site: http://www.citregistry.org/ I had a transplant at U. Minnesota and was off of insulin for two years. I now take a small dose of insulin and have almost perfect control.

I live in Columbus and went to a seminar about this impending treatment at OSU (2 years ago?): You have to meet fairly stringent criteria and have severe blood sugar management problems,such uncontrolled hypounawareness with multiple emergency room visits,extremely resisitant “double diabetes”, etc. in order to qualify. They say that the benefit of the islet transplants has to outweigh the risk of a of lifetime of immunosuppressant drugs.You can bet I looked into it, but am too “healthy” as a type one diabetic to qualify for this program.

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