Wonder why my endo's office asked me if I suffer from hypoglycemia?

I called to make an appointment for a checkup and the receptionist asked about hypoglycemia. Why? I said yes (but in my mind, I'm thinking, "Uh, yeah, duh, I am T1." What's the point of the question?

They may be documenting that because some people have more issues with dropping low frequently than others, and they'd like to offer you a CGM - unless you already have one?

Hypoglycemia can also be caused by the thyroid, which is another member of the endocrine system. So perhaps they want to run some additional tests and scheduled extra time to talk...

Who knows what the Endo's are thinking these days...

Probably evaluating the priority of your appointment… If you’re totally stable and just want a checkup they might as well put it weeks down the road whenever its convenient… If you’re having severe hypos and wrecking your car daily it migh be a little higher priority to them to get you in

I agree with the suggestion that it's triageing things. To me it seems sort of cool that they'd ask, like they are being proactive and friendly. Although maybe there's a "leverage" angle, like if you are hypo, you are "uncontrolled" and they can bill for a level 4 visit instead of a level 3 or something? I don't know that much about those specifics for diabetes but that sort of thing might be out there...

Thanks for the ideas, I guess I took it the wrong way!

i wish someone would offer me a cgm :)

It is sad the we Type 1 Diabetics must educate the people working in a Doctor's office, was the next question "Do you breathe like air and stuff"

I have been asked the same thing and asked is it for my treatment or as a curiosity, she said she was just curious.