Words are tricky

I just left feedback with Medtronic about their word choices on a button on CareLink’s Reports page (recently updated). The name of the button is “Adherence.” The subtitle starts “Identifying better behaviors…”


It’s not that I object to the concept of figuring out how what you’re doing leads to various BG patterns, but I find “Adherence” to be only slightly less objectionable than “compliamce.” And I feel a certain moral judgment goes along with “better behaviors.” How about “effective behavior patterns”?

I don’t know if it will have any effect, but I’m very proud of myself for calmly explaining how certain word choices are really emotionally loaded for some diabetics.


Agreed, words are tricky! And then there is the assembly and interpretation component!
We know the good designers are striving to present the data as it is, and identify behaviours that support that data. I’m sure they are data miners, writing code, defining parameters (and buttons) with minimal emotional thought outside the task at hand.
It would be awesome if the software was flexible enough, that the user could define their own variable names, and label their own reports / buttons, to remove any perceived insinuation. Make it fun!
However, that would make it difficult for the clinic to find the data, under different user defined variable names.
If it was an option, I’d define my report [button], using the Socratic questioning method: [ Are ya hittin’ the Target? ]. :smiley:

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I love it!

Yea, that’s annoying. I get annoyed anytime Medtronic judges me. I will not be judged by MT. Its rubs me the wrong way.


1.Healthy target.
2. hopeful target.
3.The target you want.
4.Wanna be place.
5. Happy sugar zone.


I have a 150 mg/dl high alert set, mostly so I can evaluate if I need a correction. Thanks to this, I’ll be changing the alert tone to “highway to the danger zone”. :grinning:


Oooooh great idea. And you can make your low alert the Twilight zone theme


“Adherence” I can hear the dietician with her flash cards and bad shoes lecturing me.

Even after 40 years somethings stay with you.

Thank you Yve65 you are a hero!


Thanks guys! It’s nice to communicate with people who understand just why that was soooo irritating.


Do these people really believe that if we follow “the rules,” the results will be perfect flat lines? You only flatline when you’re dead.