Words of Wisdom

When my parents took me to the family farm to visit, aunt Opal had fresh baked goods cooling on the screened-in porch. She always made my brothers and me work in the garden or yard before we had a treat. She said, “first you boys have to work before you get a cookie.” This taught me that hard work has its rewards. To get from my Grandpa Leon’s cottage to gourdneck lake we had to cross Portage road. He took my hand and told me to look both ways. This made me feel safe and secure.
When I bought my first BG meter years ago a diabetic friend, Randy told me that it would let me know where I am at before I eat or shoot up. Testing my BG has eased the anxiety of managing my diabetes. tudiabetes has given me many words of wisdom in the short time that I have been connectd to it It has made me feel welcome to share experiences with other diabetics. Gracias! Pat