Work i love it

i must be wired up wrong as my work mates complain about working yet i look forward to it.
i work for an electronic retailer delivering and installing white goods (as well as other colours lol). its hard work most of the time but because of this my bs stays between 4.2 and 5.7 and i stay fit yay. but days off its a whole different story…
ok im not a big fan of the working thing but i like what it does for my health.
if i was asked to swap for an office job and then pay to go and workout… hell no…
hows your working day in regards to helping you?

I don’t think you’re “wired up wrong” at all, spica. When I was a teenager my father said “you’re not supposed to like work, it’s just something you have to do”, and I knew even then how wrong he was. I’m semi-retired now, and it’s very nice not to have to get up at 6:30 every day, and there are always politics and personalities, as well as dull details to deal with in any job, but I really loved what I did for a living, and think it’s great that you enjoy your job as well!

I can’t comment on working days and diabetes because I was diagnosed a month before retirement! I thought I was so tired all the time at work because it was the last few months and I was ready to go; little did I know it was LADA/ Type 1 diabetes raising its ugly head! I’m also totally in awe of the women in my Type 1 women’s group who manage their D along with careers, families, school, etc. Diabetes is a job in itself! (and the pay sucks!)

I love my work most of the time. Work on the ramp loading planes for DHL. Heavy heavy work. Kicks my butt, but work is the one time of the day I can eat without taking a shot. I have to have a carb intake between 25-60 carbs just to stay in the 70s. Adjust my Lantus and it still happens put off eating and end up in the 50s still hit the 60s alot. Love the fact I have regained most of my weight since Dday but still fight into the jeans I brought after I got out of the hospital, even if just a little snug. I still test like a mad man at night, can’t afford to damage a plane and get sent inside.

hard work does help i think. :slight_smile: just shows its good for us some times

Spica- You are one of the lucky few who works not only to pay the bills, but actually likes what he does… When I was working, I liked my job also (retired a few years ago.) I didn’t have D for most of my working years so I can’t say how it would have affected my work. It is really sad that so many people don’t like what they do for a living. That’s probably why so many people are miserable. You are a lucky man !!