Work-Related Stress

I discovered this article about the consequences of work-related stress ( It resonated with me because several years ago I had a bully for a boss. Interactions with her ate me up inside, so much so that, when she retired, I vowed never to put myself in that kind of situation again. Fortunately, I now have a wonderful boss, who is smart, kind and fair.

I’ve always believed that stress sets us up for illnesses.


I did not read the piece on stress but stress has destroyed me. My Mother and Father have lived a simple life for almost 90 years with few health issues not even glasses until their 70’s, in contrast My brother and I are both Vietnam veterans, we wear glasses, both Dx with insulin dependance, both are surviving Cancer, we have back trouble, shoulder trouble, vision problems, on the work side we have been business partners for over 30 years and it has taken it’s toll on or body’s and our souls. Looking back on my life I would say that finding happiness and faith in the lord are the only things I really needed. I make my own stress and can only blame myself, I’m greedy, stubborn, and have always taken a beating to get my way…our parents said hard work will pay off and they where right, but life was simple and the payoff for them was happiness and for those of us in the new world it’s complete exhaustion. I have lived a very rich but also painful life…the only way I can stop the pain is to lay down my sword…but I can’t find a way to do that?

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John, I’m so sorry to read about your troubles. I hope and pray that you find your path to happiness. You deserve it. We all deserve it.