Working out is the best thing for diabetes

I worked out last night and i burn 386.7 calories I felt will good about myself and i checked my sugar it was normal exercise will keep your diabetes in control to just stay away from that fast food as much as you can friends we can do it.

Way to go!! I watched a hunk of “Magnum Force” while I ran on the treadmill this evening and it was pretty engaging!

Tha;s excellent!
My 12 year old has been type 1 for 3 years. My son trains with me for my for triathalons. He plays football, runs track, plays baseball, is on the swimming team, and rides his bike with me regularly.
I encourage EVERYONE I know to excersise regularly. Diet is essential to proper diabetes management as well but you need to work on both.

Start with what you LIKE! Try riding your bike to a local store, walk on a nature trail for an hour, try lifting weights for a change! Nothing you DO will be a bad thing, but DOING nothing is a bad thing! Good luck and god bless all!

Andrew is your son on an insulin pump?

Yes. For about 6 months now. He uses the Minimed, and we are working on getting him some of the continous glucose monitoring sites too.

does he change his basals for exercise or does he eat to exercise? I struggle with exercise as I crash bigtime.

At this point, no. We keep his basal the same and he generally has a small carb/protien snack 15 to 20 minutes before a run or bike session. We check BGL at 30-40 minute intervals and he does pretty well. Now for sports he generally disconnects for most of the game or meet.
We have not had a “dangerous” low since he started the pump.

That is awesome, as I still get dangerous lows.