Working the A1C


Ok I'm going to come clean here and tell the darned truth......I absolutely hate getting my A1c and having to give my meter up so the nurses can DL the readings. I always feel like I cheated someone and they are out to get me.

I feel like a child that just got caught with the proverbial hand in the jar....know what I mean?

These days I take it slow and hope that I can hold back the march of time and diabetes a bit. I work out at the Y four nights a week, I take guitar lessons, I fly, I am a graphic artist, I play in two bands and I have a family with all the trimmings...and then I get to go to my endo for my eval and guess what.....I feel like a little kid.....yep it happens every time.




Let me guess. You get the ‘out of control’ label during some visits? I hate that on my endo’s note to my doctor. It seems to imply that if I just worked hard enough at things I could be in control.

Having said that, she (the endo) is very good about trying to improve things without rebuking if my numbers haven’t been good.

Working out at the Y HAS to be good for you and I’m sure it helps keep things level.

Sounds like you’re doing a great job at managing things, that’s tough after 21 years with the big D.


It’s easy to feel that people - especially the medical ones- are judging you. Sort of like being sent to the principles office.


Yep…I have learned that it is all up to me and only me. I can tell when the “D” is killing me with cuts and bruises.

For the most part I do stay in excellent control, but like everyone else I just gotta be me!



I just got my results back. Terribly nerve wracking. Especially when your meter and results don’t match!
It feels like a test I can’t study for! I hate being unprepared. By the way, I’m a graphic artist too!


I hate the “non-compliant” label they give when I have to admit that I am not testing 6 times a day. “sigh”


I have been labeled with a number of decriptive names as a practicing and almost practicing diabetic.

There is one thing that is definitely etched in granite…usually the ones that are giving me the titles are not diabetics themselves…

I have often wondered if they really understand the feelings of having a chronic condition is…

I think not.