Working where i cant have jewelry on, need ID for Diabetes


@Dave44 The situation is quite different for @hb1 than it was for your wife. She is not a nurse, she works a large amount of her time in the kitchen where the emphasis is to keep foreign objects out of the food.

A piece of jewelry that accidentally falls off into a pot of food could pose a chocking hazard for someone.


I, for some reason, thought the OP was also a nurse. Thanks for the clarification, as I’d never heard of the nurses being unable to wear badges and ID bracelets.

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I am also against getting a tattoo because I have just never liked tattoos. Its also against our religion, but my husband convinced me that medical tattoos wouldn’t be forbidden by any reasonable religion. He’s more concerned about my safety than I am, lol. I am still debating whether I’m willing to go through with it though. I know I can remove my pump and dexcom if I want, but a tattoo is so… permanent. I realize diabetes is also pretty permanent at this stage, but maybe the optimist in me hopes that one day they’ll actually be “5 years from a cure”.


We can all only hope. Thank You


The phone can be a help for anyone looking at it.

EMT’s usually look for the contact ICE and it’s number

Everyone should have the contact ICE on their phones

In Case Of Emergency


I wear silicone wrist band but the company also sells a little tag you can place on your shoe lace . Most people wouldn’t notice. But medical people would. Google it and see what you get. Nancy50


A temporary tattoo or just a sharpie marker.


Safety Temporary Tattoos personalized with emergency contact information. Custom temporary tattoos letting everyone know that if your child’s lost, who to call. Great for family vacation or school field trip. All personalized tattoos come with the contact number of your choice.


I used to write “diabetic” on my hand in sharpie when I went camping as a kid. I had medic alert bracelets, but I just kept losing them. I’ve never considered a temporary tattoo before, but it could be useful for certain situations. I can change the bands on my current bracelet, so I made some of my own out of colored wire and beads. I just hope the paramedics recognize it as a medic alert bracelet now.