Workouts Cut Short


Just wondering how you deal with the occasional workout that you have to cut short in order to treat a low BG. Do you try to make them up later in the day, or just let it go, and do your next scheduled workout as planned? Also, how do you handle the feelings of frustration that can go along with this.

For example, I had planned on running 4.5 to 5 miles today (training plan called for 45 minutes “easy”), stopped to test after 3 miles, and had a BG of 70. Not terribly low, so ate 5 glucose tabs, drank some water and tried to carry on with the run. Felt totally out of gas and a bit light headed, so walked the remaining 1.5 miles home. Would you go out and run another 1.5 later in the day or just do the next workout as scheduled in the morning?


What sometimes happens to me is I plan an afternoon run, and then lose track of time in the busyness of work. The next thing I know it’s time to run and I haven’t taken my 30-minute pre-run carb boost and my glucose is only 80 (too low to start a run). That used to really frustrate me, but now I just consider it an extra day of rest (or a switch with another upcoming day of rest).

I’d consider the walking 1.5 miles sufficient in this case. It was supposed to be an “easy” day anyway and you still covered the distance. Remember, “Progress Trumps Perfection” (a very inspiring motto I read somewhere :slight_smile:



Thanks Ken. You are right about reading my own motto (LOL)!!! Most days I can shrug it off, but some days it just really gets to me. I have to remember that I’m doing this running stuff for fun and fitness, not training for the olympics! I know what you mean about forgetting to reduce the basal rate. I used to do that too. Now that I exercise more in the morning, I use a basal pattern that automatically reduces the basal about an hour before I plan to run. Of course that doesn’t help if I foget to set that basal pattern the night before! Chanting motto over and over…


My view is ‘don’t sweat it.’ Even though I get frustrated if I have to cut a workout short, I just chalk it up to experience, try to figure out why I went too low or felt so sluggish and give it a shot next time.

When I have tried to make up for lost time later in the day, I just threw my whole schedule AND my BGs out of wack. Unfortunately, when we’re trying to keep on BGs in line we have to maintain a fairly regular schedule of activities. At least I do.