World Diabetes Day race car at the Baja 1000

Hey all,
Jim Graham here with Desert Dingo Racing - . We’re the official World Diabetes Day race car in the upcoming Baja 1000. I just wanted to share a photo of the car with you. We took it to a local grammar school today and had a class of fourth graders dip their hands in blue, gold or red paint and press them to the fenders. Got the idea from the TuD “touched by diabetes” logo. I hope you don’t mind.

You can check out the results here: . I’ll be posting more photos later and updating as we prepare for the race. If anyone happens to be in Ensenada during race week, let me know. We will have a booth on Contingency Row with the Federacion Mexicana de Diabetes giving away boxes of crayons provided by International Diabetes Federation and hero cards with the warning signs of diabetes printed in English and Spanish on the back.

Anyway, just thought I’d pass this along.


Cool car. Good luck.

That sounds so exciting. Wish I could be there but good luck and my best wishes anyway! :slight_smile:

I love the car!! it’s too cute

Thank you all for the supportive comments. I’ll pass them along to the team.

Rock on, Jim!!

Hi Jim,

How’s the Desert Dingo Racing going? Wish you and the team every success. :slight_smile:


Hey Diane,
Thanks for asking. Over the weekend we repained the car and clear-coated the fenders (they have tempura-painted palm-prints from a class of fourth graders at a local grammar school). One of the team members fabbed an aluminum box that holds six quarts of oil. Another welded in a piece of metal that holds the spare rear tire and jack. And I tested camera mount positions.

Today I pick up graphics - sponsor logos and the blue WDD circles - and I expect our number decals - 1102 - arrive via fedex. We’ll put those on tonight. Tomorrow we made a run to Sacramento for the trailer and Wednesday we hit the road. At some point I’ve got to squeeze in time to pack. :slight_smile:

So cool! :slight_smile:

I’m updating our work on the blog - . Since I’m mechanically inept, I get to handle all the marketing and PR stuff. I’m pretty sure we’re the only Class 11 team that can claim team members who specialize in PR, graphic design and event coordination :).

Great Idea for painting the beetle racer. Good luck to you and your team.