World Diabetes Day What It's Means to me

What World Diabetes Means to Me. This day means so much to me as a diabetic it the one day and month to shine in blue but there is so much more to the day before insulin was found diabetes was a death sentence and even today people still die from diabetes due to lack of insulin around the world for many reasons Dr Banting and Dr best should be proud to see how many lives they saved as I am Canadian like them world diabetes day makes me so grateful to them for finding insulin yes we all want a cure but lets give thanks for the 2 doctors and pray for those diabetics who do not have access to insulin around the world and remember those diabetics who did not make it before insulin was found and for who have passed on today Let Get On Blue On Have A Happy And Save World Diabetes Day.

My extended family contained 23 type 1 diabetics, the first one being diagnosed in 1955. Me and another cousin were the only ones alive, and he passed last week, 100 years after having a stroke at age 30. So, on WDD, I weep for all of those who have gone before us. And rejoice for all those continuing to move on with strength, courage, and wisdom.

thanks kathy