Worlds worst blood sugar day

So today was a REALLY bad blood sugar day. I went low 5 times and high 4 times. To make it worse, after school, instead of comming home, me and my brother stayed at our friend Garretts house until time to go to youth. I was SO sick by the time we got there! I wish his sister Victoria was there, but she wasnt. So ended up going upstairs and laying down on her bed after doing my homework. I felt like I was going to throw up. Then we went to youth and had to play a rly active game, and I was still sick. The game involved getting up and running to a different seat, whether it be in a chair, on a foot rest, or on the couch. I scraped my elbow on the back on the couch and it burned SO bad! It felt like some person lit a match and stuck the flame up to my elbow. lol, I talked to my friend Logan after youth and she had a bad day too. She was like "dont worry! we’ll be better tomorrow!"
Wow, I just lost my nosering…Im gonna go find that…
Anyone else had a bad day??

That sucks… I hope that tomorrow really is a better day!!