Worst few weeks ever


Ok, this is not really related to Diabetes, I just feel like if I vent, I will feel better.

To get a good idea of what my last couple of weeks have been, I present the list:

  • I work for a company that is closing it's doors on one of it's locations, Colorado Springs. I love the location, but if I want to stay with the company, I need to move. I was offered a bonus, if I stay till "End of Pruduction". I can use the money, so I accepted the contract. A week before it was due to expire, we were assured a number of times that we will NOT go past the scheduled Oct 5th deadline. So, I applied for a job with the same company, in a different state, got it, settled on my start date... All that was on a Friday. I am thinking all is well... NOT! The following week Wednesday, we get an announcement that End Of Production is now pushed to January, 2007!! Ok, here is the catch: If I leave now, NO bonus! The whole reason I let my husband leave in April, and I stayed behind with three kids is because of the bonus!!! Sucks!
    PS: Later next week, HR and my management worked out a deal, where I will get 1/2 the bonus. Better that then nothing, I guess...
  • The following weekend I get a call from my husband... He just heard that Our Plant manager was killed in a motorcycle accident!!! I have to say he was THE best manager I have ever worked for. He left two young boys behind too. The rest of the week is a blur... Rosary, viewing, funeral...
  • Yearly the next week, a call from my daughter's school. "Mommy, there is something wrong with my meter..."
    "What does it say?"
    "High"... Grrrr. No idea as to why, I take off to get to school and change out the site, etc. etc....
  • Middle od this week I got a call from my realtor. She said that if i want to sell the house, I will have to drop the price, by quite a bit. Again, sucks!!! The more money I can make off this house here, the better house I can get at a new location. The move was not exactly by choice...
  • To top it all of (drumroll, please), today, on the way home from shopping, I got rear-ended!!! Ok, I was standing still at a red light, with two of my kids in a car, then I get a jolt, with a loud "Boom!". A lady behind me (per her own admission) mistakenly pushed a gas pedal, insted of a brakes...
    Here is the (only) good part: because we both drive large vehicles (I drive Expedition), there was almost no damage to either vehicle. Unbelivable! I got a dent on the plastic cover of a rear "something" bar (sorry, I am not car smart). She got nothing obvious either!

Ok, you will have to excuse me now, I am going back to the kitchen to get another drink... I can sure use it!

I am sure I am forgetting more less-than-pleasant events this week to add to my list.

On a brighter side, I got a call on Thursday that my youngest (two year old) won third place in his age group in a coloring competition for a Balloon Classic (hot air balloon) event! We are going in on Monday to get his prize.


Wow! Sounds like quite the week you’re having. I hope things settle down, and at least there were some better turns, like you got hit, but not much damaage, you lost the bonus, but you got 1/2 of it back, etc. Not ideal, but better than s$it! Take it easy! BTW, so cool about the two year old winning 3rd prize. So sweet. :slight_smile:


My goodness - what a stressful week for you all!! Things can only get better! Hang in there!


Oh Precious!!! I hope that someone decides to buy your house at a better price and your move goes well!
HUG that two yr old for getting a prize! How cool! Hang in there:)