Worth celebrating

Just got home from my endo appt – A1c 6.0! I wanted to get into the 5’s, but this is REALLY close enough, isn’t it? :slight_smile:

That, plus normal lab values for liver and kidneys, a normal eye exam last month, and a normal angiogram, makes me think that, at age 63, and after 20 years of diabetes, YES, I can do it!! Maybe I WILL live another 20 years or so, and if that’s the case, then I should continue to take care of myself the best I can, because it still makes sense to try to prevent complications. When my life expectancy gets down to less than 5 years, I think I will throw all caution to the wind and eat all the crap I want, but I’m obviously not there yet.

In other news, the APN agreed to test my T3, so I will know how that’s doing. TSH was low and free T4 was high, so we’re reducing the dose of thyroid hormone, which is OK with me.

And finally, I realized that, along with the names for my lancet device (Attila the Hun), Pump + CGM (Harriet the Secretary), meter (Cleetus with Diabeetus), my CGM serter, which is long and slender, is Abbott, and my set-serter, which is wide and round, is Costello. Are any of the rest of you crazy enough to name your stuff? LOL!!

Good job Natalie! I’m very happy for you! That’s a great result!

WTGO Natalie! :slight_smile:

What a terrific report !! I am definitely jealous of your A1c. You have a right to celebrate.

Keep the good job !!! :slight_smile:

Congratulations, Natalie! Doesn’t that make it all worthwhile! What did you come down from? Whatever it was, lower is better! We’re the same age, but you’ve had the D so much longer than me that I’m in awe of how well you are doing!

Well, you have to realize that I am a low glycator. What they don’t tell you is that different people get different A1cs even with the same average BGs. I don’t know all the particulars about it, but there is a paper in the FAQ of misc.health.diabetes, and there have been other papers published on it.

So if I were Diabetes Wonder Woman, which I’m obviously not! I would have an A1c in the 4’s. When I had fasting BGs high enough to be diagnosed by today’s standards, my A1c was 4.8, and when I was on death’s door last year in a coma, my A1c was 10.7.

So the lesson here is to celebrate your personal bests (notice the “s”!), NOT to compare, because comparisons between people are meaningless.

I’m just WAITING to see what your definition of crap is, because I seem to remember you just got one in the 4’s. :slight_smile:

Congratulations Natalie!!!

It feel great to be an “old-timer!” :slight_smile:

Last September, when I was very sick and almost died, it was 10.7. In March, after I recovered, it was 6.3. So down to 6.0 is not much of a drop, but I’m getting to the place of diminishing returns and LOVING it! :slight_smile:

Here’s hoping you live a LONG time with diabetes (or without, if they find a cure!), and doing your best to remain complication free. Obviously, no guarantees, but it’s worth it to work at it, just to feel good about yourself. :slight_smile:

It’s nice to get positive reinforcement for the hard work you’re doing, keep up the good work!

I figure any one that goes up= crap and I will freak out for 3 months or six months or whatever.

Great news Natalie. Great job for all the hard work that I know is involved.

I am in the crap zone right now.

Wonderful results from Wonderful work, Ms. Natalie… It shows that with desire, drive, diligen,e and detemination, you were able to dance with the Doves of Daily diabetes Management instead of with the Wolves of diabetes depression) You sound so much better than you did just a couple of weeks ago. I am happy and grateful that you are feelling so well about your accomplishments
God Bless, my friend

Very , very inspiring ; I will celebrate right now : a glass of red wine for me …no , I don’t name my gadgets …just not as clever to think up names as some of you ( a " dull" Canadian gal with Dutch genes , ha, ha )

See? It’s not so bad. ;0)

Oh, Natalie, that’s fantastic,congrats!

My CGM is Flashy Gordon. I took a pic once to post on flatliners and my pink skin looked orange. Danny (I think?) said it looked like Flash Gordon, so…
My CGM is Daphne, for my late mother-in-law who needed to monitor everything all the time.
Meter is sucker (strips suck in my blood), and I can’t post here what my lancet is :wink:

Oh, nel, now you must come up with some crazy names – just to run against type and keep 'em guessing.

None of what I call my meter/ pump/ CGM (in the %$#@^& all day today, I will punt and stick in a new one tomorrow…) is suitable for a family website!

Awesome Natalie!