Worth celebrating

PS …JeanV …I have kept " them" guessing for over 28 years …or is it 70 plus years :slight_smile:

Oh, I disagree; I do think 6.3 to 6.0 is significant. Other than before I got on insulin my numbers have always been 6.3, 6.4 or 6.5 even when I am having higher numbers due to changes, so I think a little difference is a lot! And from 10.7 last September is utterly amazing!

Dancing for you, bubbalah! Congratulations.

Celebrate away, Natalie, and congratulations!

I did a happy dance, too, earlier this month, with a drop from 7.5 to 6.8 – poor endo must’ve thought I was on cocaine, I was so happy!

My next goal is to be just like YOU!

I wish I had read this post a couple of years ago when I went from a 5.6 in October to a 6.9 in January. I was expecting a 5.9 and to this day I’m convinced that the lab made a mistake :-). But it was a productive bounce. I got an increase in my number of test strips and bumped up my testing. By May, I was back down to 5.9. It is all a mystery.


Wonderful news Natalie, what an awesome your boost to know you can do it, and have been doing it, and that a little slip down the dark path doesn’t matter so much. Best Wishes :slight_smile: Emily

PS: Nate doesn’t name his equipment- being a male or teen, i guess.

Congrats on all your “normals”!!! =]

Hahaha as for naming equipment…My Omnipod system (I use Apidra insulin with it) is Podme Apidrala (I’m such a Star Wars geek it’s ridiculous)…My stabber is Vlad (My old one Touch one was Snaggletooth cuz it used to tear my fingers up!), my insulin is my Sweet & Sour sauce (a buddy of mine called it that & it stuck lol), & I get a temp CGM tomoro so I’m starting to think of names for when I get my permanent one…but I won’t be able to name it til I actually get it, so I’ve got time.

Yea for you. My meter is Dracula and the lancet device is the pain pen. Think I got pain pen here at Tudiabetes. LOL Oh, and my insulin and needles are called Life!!

My first meter was named jill, the lancet device was named jack. My last two A1C’s were 6.3 and 6.0, which make me happy but then i haven’t even been diabetic for a year yet.

You have a great start, so just keep it up, and live a long and healthy life with diabetes!! :slight_smile:

Well done you! It shows that it pays to be vigilant! I often think that in the long run that we Diabetics can be healthier than ordinary people if we take care! We do not eat the same rubbish that others do on a regular basis, we are constantly checking and adjusting (or should be!), exercising more sensibly … and we can stilll have the odd blow out!

I do not have names for my kit and caboodle, but it is an interesting thought. Will get back to you on that!

That is a great result. I am sure that it will keep your doctors happy, but of course your happiness is what really matters. And as you note, the A1c is really a poor measure and for you a really poor measure. In truth, there are also other things that mark your continued progress, and your meter and CGM don’t lie. Although you have not mentioned it, simply participating in the flatliners club and showing enviable results is in my little part of the world more notable than a little A1c test.


Natalie…I love it…FABULOSO news!!!

Do you know whether they are measuring Free T3 or Total T3? Free T3 is said to be better…and your T4 can be normal of high and you can still have low T3 and feel exhausted…


I love the names…now you have me thinking…I could name my Flexpen “Quill,” and I think I’ll name my lancet Leech. My insulin should be Plummet.

I’ve been wanting to start a blog… called Diabetes Mellifluous…

She’s going to do Free T3. I think I’ve been extremely lucky in my docs and APNs – no arguments or anything, just an immediate willingness to accommodate me. I’m actually expecting the T3 to come out normal, but it will be nice to know!

Great work Natalie! Way to take control and work for your goals!

6.0 YAY! That is awesome! Keep up the good work!!! Congrats on your great lab results!

that is wonderful girl… keep it up. i am an type1 on an insulin pump. my A1C has been going up steadily for about 4 months. last time 9.8%. ugh. for the last 10 days i have given up all refined sugars… i.e bread, cookies, anything that b4 has raised my blood glucose significantly. wow has that made a difference… i have lost weight and feel sooo much better, not tired, or sluggish at all. basically i eat a lot of veggies and protein… keep up the good work.

Hah! I really did laugh out loud at that one!

Just wanted to tell you that limiting carbs severely has made a HUGE difference for me. There are clearly some people who can tolerate carbs better than others, and each person has to figure it out for themselves, but for ME, there is no question. I am sad, sometimes, because I was pretty much a carb/sweets addict, but the consequences for my health were undeniable. Good luck!

Well, even if it is on the low end of the normal range, you may want to ask for a tiny dose of Cytomel to boost your levels higher in the range. I have found that a tiny increase can make a huge, huge difference in how I feel. Truly a difference in 3-5 micrograms dose. It’s amazing.