Would this be inappropriate?

I plan for Christmas and birthdays very early…so I have time to think about this…but would like your opinions. I have friends who are diabetic but wear no tags or ID to show that they are indeed diabetic. When I asked them why, the answer I get is “I haven’t gotten around to it yet”…well, I want to get around to it for them for their birthday or for part of their Christmas gift. They are so very important to me, I hate to think of what could happen to any of them, because no one knew. So do you think it would be inappropriate to give them a necklace with diabetic tag on it, or a bracelet with their diabetic tag on it?
None of these people would be angry or upset that they were “outed”, but I am not sure if that is appropriate for me to do…what do you think?

I think it is cool I mean we all love gifts from the diabetes fairy so why not another d friend. for christmas I got a new pump skin and one touch mini meter in pink for my car from a friend and loved it!!

Totally appropriate!! I think it’s a great idea. Just make sure the information is accurate.

  1. Since they say they haven’t ‘gotten around to it’ I would take it at face value - they think it’s a good idea, but just haven’t done it.

  2. I wouldn’t call it ‘outing’, unless you do it in front of someone who doesn’t know they’re diabetic. They are pretty discrete items and not likely to draw a lot of attention otherwise.

  3. I think the bracelet is a better gift than the necklace.

Let us know how it goes.


Jewelry is a personal thing. I probably would not wear what my Friend bought me unless to please them when they were in my presence. Sad that I’d have to do that…I wouldn’t want to disappoint them. Unless we had gone shopping and I had pointed out an item that I liked. Like WOW, I sure wouldn’t mind having that rock on my medic alert bracelet. =) On the other hand, it is a Nice gesture on your part Cathy. I can’t see anyone being “angry or upset” about it.

i would have loved for someone to gift me a nice alert bracelet…lol

no one did. i finally got myself one and i love it…i say go for it. and, if you can’t find the ‘perfect’ one for someone, get them a gc to get one themselves.

I agree w/ Terrie. I’m pretty particular about what kinds of stuff I wear, so in case they are too, it might be helpful if you could get their input about which ones they like/don’t like. But they’re obviously a good friend of yours, so you likely know how accepting they might be to wearing something…or like Boedica mentioned, you could get a gift card and after you give it to them, you could go visit the store or get online to redeem it together (then you know he/she is getting the one they want, and you’re happy knowing they’re going to use it and be a little safer in the process).

However, I think giving it as a gift is a great gesture. And why not either tell them face-to-face when you give it to them (or write in a card to go w/ it) all of those great things you mention in your post? i.e. "…They are so very important to me, I hate to think of what could happen to any of them, because no one knew…"
That, to me, is a very powerful message and would show the other person how much they really do mean to you. I think they’d be more than thrilled to get the bracelet/necklace as a gift w/ those words accompanying it :slight_smile:

Obviously not everyone reacts the same way… but giving something that is essentially jewelry CAN be complicated, depending mostly on the recipient.

Jewelry with a message is even more complicated.

All the above is written not based on experience with medic-alert bracelets but with experience on giving jewelry to girlfriends, like 20+ years ago. Gifts, especially jewelry, can imply expectations in the mind of both the recipient, and the mismatch in expectations can actually make life more complicated for both. This is true for some, but not for others. Never really figured the whole thing out :slight_smile:

All that said, I think that a medic-alert type identification is essential if there’s any danger of a severe hypo. This means all T1’s and some T2’s. If there’s no danger of a hypo I don’t think it’s so essential. Just my two cents (having worn either a necklace-type or bracelet-type ID for the past 30 years).

Love the idea of shopping early…love the idea of alert jewelry as gifts. A friend gave me a necklace and it was much appreciated. I felt it to be very personal and thoughtful. A necklace can be worn more discretely, depending on the chain length, so if you are worried about taste or privacy issues (although sounds as if that is not the case,) that might be the way to go. Either way, your friends will know that you were thinking about them.

Personally, I would not appreciate such a gift as I value my privacy and I do not want to advertise my medical issues; however, if they are comfortable with everyone seeing and knowing then it is a nice idea. Jewelery is tricky as people have very personal tastes. If I had to wear one, I would chose the necklace because it can be hid easier.

Jest, May I ask how you would want EMT’s or docs in an emergency to handle your case if you can’t talk for yourself.? I’m always curious about people’s ideas about not protecting themselves against the unknowing public…as in a car accident if you are unconcious or are unable to communicate about your diabetes? How would you like them to know that fact and then give you the proper care you need.

Since I do know these three friends very well, I do know their taste and preferences. We have gone through many catalogues “just looking” before, or even creating some of our own. My curiosity is peaked when you say you wouldn’t want to disappoint them (me) so your probably would only wear it when you were around me.
This begs the “What if?” question. Why wouldn’t you want EMT’s /health professionals know in the event that you can’t speak for yourself (a car accident) that you are a diabetic?

i wear a necklace, but have been considering a tatoo on my wrist, because i occasionally forget my necklace in the morning. i don’t like the bracelets because they are too open, and i don’t like them flopping around on my arm. I don’t think i would appreciate one for Christmas, but maybe a “just because” or “thinking of you” gift. besides, if it is so important, why wait another 6 months to give it to them.