Would this worry you too?

Yesterday I checked my sisters blood sugar after checking mine. She had eaten mac and cheese and some vanilla coke before we tested. Her fingers were clean etc. The reading was 175 mg/dL. This was pretty scary to us because my d.e. told me that non-D’s will NEVER go over 140 whatsoever. Should we be worried with a reading that high? This isn’t the first higher reading shes had…what do you think?

I know that the meter was working right because its the one I use daily. Also she is my twin sister so diabetes does run in the family (I have T1). Thanks!

ps: I posted this in the Type 1 boards as well because I wasn’t exactly sure to put it. Thanks!

The only real way to know is to have her doctor do some blood-work on her.

Yes, that would worry me too. It sounds like she should head into the doctor as soon as possible!

If she does have diabetes, you have helped her a ton by catching it early!

She should be tested for antibodies. Even if her blood sugar and A1c are not that high, she might test positive for antibodies. If caught early, she might be able to preserve her insulin production for a while.

Better to be careful. Keep us posted!

When we tested her a1c (shortly after my dx just to be safe we had all my family tested) but that was at least 2 months ago. At that point her a1c was 5.7%…the doctor said this was in the higher range of normal but still normal. I don’t believe they tested for antibodies though so I will deffinatly talk to her about that.

Yes, I would definitely find that worrisome; I think she should definitely be seen by a doctor, and should be given an oral glucose tolerance test, which measures your body’s response to a known load of glucose. She may not be diabetic at this time, but she’s at least pre-diabetic or she wouldn’t be having numbers like that – non-diabetics just don’t do that, even with high carb loads. There are some authorities that think dietary changes made as early as possible can preserve some pancreatic function, EVEN possibly for T1 diabetics, so she should definitely find out as much information as possible right now, instead of waiting until it’s a full-blown incidence of the disease.

I agree with all - glucose tolerance and antibody tests and careful monitoring.

You are a good sister!