Would you believe I forgot to hook up the pump?

Eric woke up in the low 300s this morning. I double checked the reading, then looked to see if bubbles in the line were the problem… and found his pump line wasn’t hooked into the clip. He’d been floating free for… ?? I don’t know, but I rather suspect I failed to hook it up when I changed him into his PJs last night. ALL NIGHT LONG? But, no ketones, and still at a reasonable level. phew Talk about boneheaded Mommy mistakes…

Don’t beat yourself up too much, I’ve done that. I’ve also forgotten to do a prime and noticed hours later. Apparently my pump doesn’t alert me I’d forgotten.

You caught it and that’s the important part.

Yeah…we all do it at some point!! Glad to hear that he faired relatively well. My hat off to you-as a parent with a child with type 1!! Don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s hard…but doable.

Yeah, he’s been good ever since. Bounces back fast, this boy. Thankfully!