Would you believe it

Rain stopped for a while bit of a storm during the night, dog barking in someone’s garden cat sleeping on the radiator shelf, at least I can sit up this morning although the cold/flu is still firmly in my system there seems to be a bit of a lull in it’s activity am I tempting fate for yesterday was not a good day sweated buckets tossed and turned all day in bed could not get comfortable at all.

Now and then I would nod off and have 40 winks only waking up feeling much worse is it time the scientists found a cure for the common cold come to think of it is there more than one type of cold you can catch, have to research it on goggle later.

Coughing more freely not sure if it was a cold or a slight case of swine flu as I had the jav on the 10th, only thing to say it knocked me off my feet for a couple of days, time for morning medication all 10 pills do I really need all these does anyone check after a certain time to see if you still need the same dosage or if a newer version of the medication would do you better .

Putting up a weeks daily dosage of pills takes ages morning pills afternoon pills evening pills pity the chemist does not do this for you, some days I get confused put it down to age for I have seen many seasons come and go, the year I was born it is claimed a UFO crashed in Roswell New Mexico, 1953 Hillary and tensing climbed Everest, a princess became a Queen,.

1966 England won the World cup I was working as a bus conductor at the time and only saw glimses of the match as I speed by on my bus to and from Dudley to Cradley Heath.

1969 I sat with my wife and 2 year old daughter in my parents house and watched Neil Armstrong step on the MOON, IN 1984 I got a job on the Community Programme after being unemployed for 3 years in 1989 I watched as the Wall came down which seperated East and West Germany in 1997 I rejoiced in the streets with friends and neighbours as New Labour trounched the Torries and look where that has led too.

In 2004 while decorating the ceiling in out hallway I had a major heart attack I was happily singing and smoking away one good thing came out of all the pain a heart attack gives you is I have never smoked since.

So as you can see lots of things good and bad have happened in the many seasons of my life so who ever is in charge of the big picture thanks for the ride.