Would you read a blog about depression?

For awhile, I’ve felt like I have a bit of a monologue in me. I continue to have thoughts about what it’s like when I am majorly depressed, and maybe take some of the stigma off of it if I open up. Let me know if that’s something you guys would read. I don’t do blogs much, so I don’t know the viewers…Cheers

I think its theraputic to express what goes on inside our heads. I think if you put it out there then its a way to get it out and maybe a way for others to cope with what is going on inside them. I think everyone has something to offer and if you are willing to post it then I think it is worth reading

Write on Todd (Or should I say “blog on”!). Writing something on how one feels…is a wonderful outlet. Thank you for your concern with your readers… Personally, I read others personal vent, complaint and sometimes unpleasant experiences due to the fact that sometimes I have them myself too. It gives me a sense of belonging and an assurance that I am not alone… And there may are others that feels the same =)

Definitely… I have clinical depression, myself, and I feel better knowing I’m not alone.

Please feel free to write what you’re feeling.

absolutely brother, i’ve been clinically depressed for most of my 40 years w/ the D. It helps brother, even if no one else reads it helps

Oh yes…I have been there and it sure helps to write about it. People really understand and you will help others feel comfortable sharing their stories/feelings. Nice to know we can all help and relate in so many ways.

You are not alone! Please write… we will read. You will likely find that your writing help others to know that they are not alone. When in doubt, write it down! :slight_smile:

Go for it! Write away! Blogging is good for the diabetic soul.

Six months ago I talked to a friend about the major depression of his brother. He said something like: “oh, he has an imbalance of neurotransmitters in his brain. He just takes some medication and that is it”. This is how people react to depression - they have no clue about it. I said: “have you ever considered that his partnership is the root of his depression. I mean with this partner everyone would happen to be depressive”. He had no clue what I am talking about. Most people have not experienced a level of pressure that crosses the level to bear up against. To me depression is a natural reaction that is to expect under certain degrees of pressure.

If you look at todays pressure on individuals you will recognize that healthy people are on high levels of pressure (I define that as 85 to 100 percent of their capability to bear). Since we diabetics are taken as quite normal our pressure level is then at maximum at 100% plus the 10% caused by diabetes management. In this simplification we diabetics are giving 10% over our maximum and this will burn us out. This is inevitable until we can manage to reduce the normal stress by at least 10%.

It took a long time for me to recognize this. Even longer to find ways to moderate daily pressure. At the end of my academic studies I have learned enough about me to make some important decisions in my life. I am still optimizing my lifestyle but I have found ways to handle pressure quite well. It will take its time and insights and if your are willing to share yours in a blog then I am happy to read about that. It will help you and others to recognize that depression is not another thing we have failed in. In my opinion you have made a big step by recognizing your situation.

I would read it…I’ve found reading about other people’s experiences with the darker sides of life interesting and informative/helpful… I feel like I always learn something…it helps me to gain perspective on my own life, consider new things, lets me be more empathetic/sympathetic towards other people by gaining the perspective of someone really experiencing the situation (rather than what media pushes onto us) so if it’s something you want to do, I’d be interested,

Simply put… Yes. Anything that helps you “handle” it all is encouraged. Writing it down will help just as others here have said, “even if no one reads it…” Because it allowed you to get it off your shoulders, and others may find answers or new directions with what you have shared… I totally encourage you to do this… for all of us…

Todd – Please let us know when you wrote your first blog post!!

I gave it a shot…