Wow, my brother is right, I AM like a hedgehog

Jeez it’s been almost a month since my last post, that does not show any sort of dedication. But I have a good reason…my head flippen hurt! Daily migraines and jaw pain do not make for any sort of computer time. I have what’s called a TMJ disorder, (temporomandibular joint disorder, that joint is where your jaw connects to the rest of your dang head and allows your mouth to open and close.)
It causes pain and tension which in my case are a major migraine trigger. (I know, I sound like a huge nerd and it’s gonna get worse.) Usually I have retainers to wear when it gets bad to keep the pressure of the joints, sadly they stopped working. I suffered with it until about 3 years ago when I finally found a dentist that said there was something I could do about it. Safe to say I was frustrated when the retainers stopped working. First he suggested new soft retainers, I asked why they would be more helpful than the current ones and my dentist actually said “well, you know we have to try new things and also it’s psychological”. I smiled at him and said “so basically you’re giving me placebo retainers?” He started laughing hysterically and said “oh you know about that huh!” Honestly, the dude is a total goofball but he tries. Anyway a few weeks later I came back all annoyed that the placebo retainers weren’t working and I didn’t care if it was because I knew they were a ruse or not, my head was killing me. I was walking around all squint-y and reeking of tiger balm. it was not pleasant. So he gave me a pill to take, no side effects other than drowsiness, that would relax the muscles in my face/jaw and I would be all better. Not exactly. I’m a lightweight when it comes to medicine. Kids Dimetapp knocks me out. (i shouldn’t tell people that…) So the pills worked only in that they made me pass out for hours until they wore off. Not really the best thing when you don’t expect to be sleeping and should probably check you blood sugar. honestly! During my next follow-up appointment I expressed my frustration by shaking my fist at my dentist while he howled with laughter. Seriously that guy thinks everything is funny. (When I told him I’d been diagnosed with diabetes he laughed for like an hour! why is that funny? He still can’t believe I can give myself a shot, what does he think… I go to the hospital at meal times? nutter!)
Finally he gave me shots which numbed my face for 4 hours and released all the built up tension in my jaw. That was nice. I never thought I would say that, I’ve always felt mouth shots were my least favorite kinds of shots but I didn’t even feel it. Score! After that wore off I was much better, the muscles had relaxed and wearing the retainer after that kind of helped keep the pressure from building up again. I’m back to dealing with it on and off but at least it’s not daily. I have things to do. dang!

Wow…I guess the trick is to find ways to release tension in your jaw. Biofeedback? Meditation? Accupuncture?
Good luck.