Wow this is so weird!

OK, some of you know that the Endo's I go to (US Veterans Hospital) told me I was no longer type 1 but some type unknown and my dx. is now pre-diabetic. Well last night got a bad urge for something sweet, bad yes but I am old man, soooo. I had half a glass of oj and whole package of Oreo's(13) and they tasted so good! Went to sleep(no low in my sleep LOL) when I woke up my bs was 168, now a little over a year ago without insulin my bs would have been in the 300+ after that!!!
Now the good weird part, after less than an hour I checked my bs again and... 89 Yea me!! Part 2: I am sitting here writing because I had to eat!!!!! Another hour later I feel weak and shaky, I am thinking no way, but checked my bs 75!!!!! Not sure what is happening inside, but my good old pancreas seems trying like crazy!!! Don't think I should have ate the whole bunch of cookie's, maybe soon the way things are going (it getting a little better everyday)I will be able to!!!

That sounds sort of like people who have "hypoglycemia", in that I think generally if they eat sugar, their pancreas overreacts and they run low. Most of the people I've known w/ that tend to avoid stuff like Oreos. I think that some studies have found that hypoglycemia can be a precursor to T2 but I'm very fuzzy on that?

AR, I think I have heard also that hypoglycemia is a precursor to T2 also.

I'd be kind of curious to know what your BS was immediately after you finished off that bag. If you decide to repeat the test, try doing that. I just read the other day that someone puts peanut butter on her oreos. That sounds interesting.

You had 13 Oreo cookies plus half a glass of orange juice? Isn't that something like 325g of carbs (what I got from a quick google)?

I've been having a site issue for the past day where the insulin I bolus seems to just be leaking out instead of being delivered. I spiked to 315 after having 20g of carbs for breakfast (with essentially no bolus) yesterday and today. If I had 325g in one sitting without bolusing my blood sugar would be over 2000, seriously! I think that would kill me.

I wish my pancreas would pick up the slack and start working again! But if I were you I wouldn't overdo it, I'd be too afraid of killing them off again.

maybe hanging around message boards? hee hee...

the oreo original 1.2 oz serving has 25 carbs. I'd guess that is 3 cookies but you'd have to double check. This is from what "The Calorie King: Calorie FAT & Carbohydrate Counter" (2011) says.

It's called reactive hypoglycemia. Look it up. It can be a condition of it's own, but it is also very common in poorly controlled type 2 diabetics. You set the roller-coaster in motion by eating excessive carbs, then your body reacts with endogenous insulin that arrives too late with too much.

You were never a T1, nor are you a cured T2.

I had half a glass of oj and whole package of Oreo's(13)

You've got to be kidding. You have a death-wish?

Cheers, Alan, T2, Australia.

Everything in Moderation - Except Laughter.

But Keith221 had positive antibodies, a confirmed insulin deficiency with c-peptide tests and was fully dependent on insulin. His team, including a range of endos confirmed his T1 diagnosis. I'll await further confirmation on what is happening.

And as to "dangerous" behavior. During my few honeymoons, I've also done a few "tests," although nothing so bold. Non-diabetes can chow down on a whole package of oreos and be fine and going down to 75 is probably not all that abnormal. I guess my whole feelings on the matter are more like "jealousy."

He could have been a ketosis-prone Type 2, which comes in 4 flavours. A+B+, A+B-, A-B- and A-B+. If so, his would have been A+B-. For reasons yet unknown, some KPDs can go from insulin dependence to normoglycemia and can go off insulin.

I don't believe that ketosis prone T2s are antibody positive (in any flavor).

I did read all his earlier posts. I gave my opinion then; it hasn't changed. Nor has his :)

Cheers, Alan, T2, Australia.
Everything in Moderation - Except Laughter.

A couple of years ago at the ADA board, I think that we had a discussion about hypoglycemia as a precursor to Type 1 diabetes also. I was one of several people who mentioned having hypoglycemic issues in the years preceding my Type 1 diagnosis. I didn’t know what hypoglycemia was until I got Type 1. But once I started having low blood sugars from insulin reactions, I believed that I had experienced that in the late afternoons of much of my life.

Like you, I have often read that hypoglycemia is a common precursor to Type 2.

I have a T-1 friend who will eat the whole package of Oreos from he grocery store. I think there are a whole lot more than 13 cookies in the package. Last time I looked at Oreos in the package there were three rows. I haven't counted the cookies.

Gee, andOreo would taste good right now. Naaah, better not. :)

BSC, the citation is here.

Nope, if you look at the reason you don't eat a candy bar before sports!!! It's a normal reaction because 75 isn't low bs, 55 or that's what they told me! Simple carbs cause a pancreas over shoot, it's actually very normal!!! That's the really weird part!! Heck I ate a dark choc. truffle and a small hand full of black Jelly Belly's, 1 hour my bs is 114!

1 package from a family pack!

Good job Lila. I stand corrected, although it may not apply to Keith221. The paper you cite shows that patients who presented as Ketosis-prone were grouped into four subgroups based on whether they had antibodies present and whether thay still produced "some" insulin (like from a c-peptide test). The group that was antibody positive and had little beta cell function was predominately african american and none of them were able to discontinue insulin. The group that was anitbody positive and still had beta cell function was of mixed race and about half were able to get off insulin.

Unfortunately, Keith221 presented as antibody positive and virtually no beta cell function. Then after two years he started to "get better." I wouldn't rule it out, but he is a young white guy and would seem to fit into the antibody positive/no beta cell column, which is mostly african american and doesn't get off insulin.

And again, interesting paper, thanx.

ps. The oreo response that Keith221 had was actually very similar to my response during a honeymoon. I performed an OGTT, ingested 75g carbs and while I did peak at 218 mg/dl, I was down to 73 mg/dl at 2 hrs. I was "cured." Unfortunately, it only lasted 2 weeks.

Sometimes chocolate can take a while to process completely too? It's great to hear that your condition has changed however the hypoglycemia still sounds like there's some sort of endocrine "issue" going on. Perhaps a new mutation or something? Did you work with "depleted" uranium or other interesting chemicals when you were in the service? Perhaps if it cures diabetes, Blue Cross will get me a

Well, Keith, you are not alone. I ran across a description of another case like yours from 2003. The paper suggests that the patient was LADA and simply got better. If you don't mind, I'd rather just consider you a miracle.