Wow What a Change

Hello All! Long time no talk, right? Well, it's me: the chick who is Double Diabetic, allergic to Lantus, allergic to pump catheters, split Levemir dosages, Metformin taking, gastroparesis, retinopathy, neuropathy, weight gaining, 12 year type 1, age 25. It's me. I'm here again!

But, with good news!

I'm sorry that I've been absent, but like member Holger sent in a message to me earlier this month: I'm glad to see you're not here, because that means things must be under good control.

So... Here's the news. Are you ready??

Six months ago, I was going for gastroparesis tests. I was off the carbs completely and every single thing that I ate would send my BG from 90 to 390 within a few minutes. Do you remember those pix I used to take of my Dexcom? Where it would be a beautiful flatline at 90 for two hours after the meal, then would shoot straight up within 5 minutes to a lovely 400 and then wouldn't come down for 4+ hours afterward, no matter how much I injected to correct an almost miniscule carbohydrate intake? It was nausiating and would typically send me crashing to the floor in exhaustion.

I was also just starting to split my Levemir dosages to battle dawn phenomenon, which I had normally never really had an issue with. But, six months ago, it seemed that I was waking up in the 200s. Sometimes I would wake just before DP hit and I'd actually watch it as it was rising on my Dex. It was unreal.

So, I was a double diabetic, allergic to most of the insulins, taking pills even though I am type 1 and splitting my levemir dosages because I was constantly needing to increase my dosages.

I was a disaster. I was struggling. I had no idea what to do and no one could figure out what was wrong with me. I thought I was dying.

Three months ago... I stopped taking my Metformin because I had come off the carbs anyway. Then, within a few weeks after that, I started getting a lot of lows. I lowered my carb ratios to compensate. Went from 1 unit per 5 carbs to 1 unit per 7 carbs. Then, I lowered my levemir dosages by a few points each split. I've had almost NO highs in the past three months. Many lows, but I'm continuing to lower my insulin dosages to compensate. I EVEN STARTED EATING CARBS AGAIN, tho still in really small amounts (a half piece of bread here and there) and I've had no issues with digestion or my BG numbers.

I've lost about 20 lbs over those months and havent changed my exercise habits.

My A1c is the lowest it's EVER been in my 12+ years with this dang disease. 6.9%. Holy schnikies!

What's changed? I've gone to eating all natural, but like when I was cutting carbs, that isn't really much different from six months ago.

I also ended a long term relationship (10+ years) and married my best friend. Could it really be that emotional stress can raise my BG numbers so drastically and so chronically that I believed myself to be inhabited by numerous incurable ailments like gastroparesis and hybrid diabetes? I never would have believed it before, but I've been dissecting every change that I've done over the past 3 months, and that's all that I can come up with.

I'm not sure what else the reason could be, but I'm actually trying to simply enjoy this, just in case it stops and I'm at wits end again.

So, for the time being, Marps will be off enjoying life and making little pit stops in here. When things settle down (or crash down) I will be back to check up on you guys. I love you all. You are my family and you keep me sane. :)


Hi Marps! Great to see you back on here! Wonderful you are doing so good! Great A1C!

I am with you on the carbs - cut out those carbs, those pounds just melt right off. I have lost 25 pounds in the last 4 months since diagnosed and I really have not been exercising. I honestly did not even want to lose weight (now I am too skinny haha!). Cut my initial A1C of 9.2 to 4.9!

I eat all natural too (and organic) and have been even before diagnosis but my carbs were bread, bread and more bread. I eat one (maybe two) pieces of low carbs bread a day and the rest is mostly veggies, salad, veggie meats, avocodoes, hummus. etc. I try to avoid GMO foods because I have been reading that they have possible links to cancern, diabetes etc. Either way Frankenfoods are not good for your body.

Let us know what you are eating! And yes stress can do some crazy things!

So glad to here how you are doing! Please don’t disappear for too long again! Hugs, Kim :slight_smile:

‘A magic dwells in each beginning’. That is so great, Marps! Congratulations on your marriage to both of you! You will reach an A1c below 6.5 soon - I am pretty sure about that.

Could it really be that your stress and unhappiness can literally kill you (and it is more than D)? You don’t have to answer, we all know the answer.

I’m very happy for you. Congratulations on your marriage. Welcome to your bright new future with the all new Marps!

must have been the ring that fixed everything :wink: that or the wedding cake. congrats on all the great news!

Glad your on the mend Marps. Sounds like your getting back into the swing of things. Stay in touch.

Thank you! I love you guys. :slight_smile: