My arm is so soooore, lol. So I hear Omnipod is making their ‘pods’ 40% smaller, this I want to see. Out of curiosity I ordered a trial ‘pod’ of their current pump and I dislike how bulky it is. I’ve also had my eyes on Minimed as I mentioned in a previous blog and their integrated cgm. Basically it comes down to convenience and tighter control options. On one hand I like the idea of having a wireless pump but on the other hand it only holds 200 units which is how much my current pump holds and I’m changing it every two days which I’m not very fond of. Minimed pumps can hold up to 300 units. I can still get a cgm with the Omnipod but so far only Minimed pumps are integrated. And also, I saw on a news clip on Minimed and new technology, it seems they are working on their own wireless pump. I wonder if they would be able to make one small yet big enough to hold more than 200 units of insulin. This has proven to be a tough decision for me. I’m still waiting until November which is when the smaller Omnipods are supposed to be coming out and I would like to see one in its smaller form. I guess for now I could try to get a hold of Minimed to see when they might be coming out with the wireless pump they’re working on and how much insulin it will hold.

Hi sugar Zomby (love that name) I am on the paradigm 722 they at first sent me the wrong one the 522 which holds 180 units …what a nightmare…i use alot of insulin… so contacted medtronic rep and they realized they sent wrong pump… i used all supplys and returned it now i’m back in love with my pump…it is larger but to hold that much insulin it has to be…i was on the 508 for 5 years that also hold 300 units but is all manuel u do all the calculating…paradigm is super smart i use a one touch link and when i test my sugar it pings the pump and i just hit act and it delivers insulin on my sliding scale to correct… i love this pump…any qustions just poke me

Integrated CGM is really not an advantage right now other than that it reduces by one the number of gadgets you have to carry.