I haven’t posted on here in awhile. I got to the doctor tomorrow…first time in a loooong time since I have no insurance. And it’s a good thing because by tonight I will totally be out of Lantus. By the way, every time I am on the phone and I tell my brother “I have to go take my lantus” he always says “My doctor says my lantus” and I have to correct him and tell him that it’s MYLANTA and it’s not the same thing. But now he’s got me saying it. Oh well…

Cute. When I was a kid on NPH, which you have to gingerly roll in your hands before injecting to mix the crystals in the suspension, my mom would always sing “roll N, roll N, roll N, rawhide.” I spent a decade on NPH unable to get that out of my head.

hi my names bruce
just wondering how the dr app. went for ya