Writers & Poets in tudiabetes, a new group

Here is a new group for those who are writers and poets, published or wish to publish their books. Our community is full of members who can support diabetes cause through their writing even if it is not about diabetes.
Can we support hands foundation in any way through our published work? I will do that through my next poetry book. My first book was dedicated to my patients. Now it is time to pay back for the support this community has giving me, by spreading the word about it in my books.
Our community is an example of love and tolerance, support and self dedication.
I take the opportunity to greet all of you for the Moslem Eid Al Adha on Monday, and then for Christmas
It is so beautiful that tudiabetes united us with different races, faiths and cultures, though we all are Adam & Eve sons and daughters.
MayGod, the almighty, the creator of this universe bless all of you my friends…