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well as most of u know my soon to be husband who has been away in lock up was diagnosed while in. well i got news 2 weeks ago and finally got the time to get on here, but he might be getting released some time between just before x-mas and hid b-day in April so im like totally stoked that he will be home soon, especially since i dont have to move back to my home state (Washington) to be with him hes been sending his mom some money each month and saving enough to fly here to Arizona when he gets out so he can be with me yay. so i got that happy news for x-mas but its not the only news i got but both of my brothers will be home for x-mas it will be the first time we have actually had all 3 of us under the same roof for x-mas since i was 9 and im now 18 so thats happy news. but on top of that the middle brother James is bringing a friend of his (and mine) to x-mas and my mom and step dad have said its ok for one of my other friends to come to x-mas and hes talking about moving to the town closest to us which is 15 miles away so yay for all of that:). also i got a totally adorable kitten that im waiting for a letter from my hun to find out what hes being named (i let my hun pick) i got him from the humain society here locally and he looks like a kitten i used to have that got out while i was at my dads and not even in the same town so im happy to have him even if hes a total spaz that will run in a circle and then jet off in some direction then stop realizing he went in the wrong direction and run back in the other direction and that may have seizures i dont care if e has his issues hes mine and hes adorable my mom got him for a b-day/ x-mas gift for me since i wanted him so much and it was right between the 2 for me i like the nifty things i get for x-mas even if there not technically presents there presents to me there special gifts to me :slight_smile: merry x-mas and happy new year to you all i hope all of your x-mas’ goes as well as mine is already going :slight_smile:

Wooow! So many wonderful things going on there…I hope youll have a great Christmas =)

So much great news! Thanks for sharing Angie!

thanks for the comments thought i would share my cheer in a blog and let people read it if they want so thanks for the comments

ok major update hes out hes out HES OUT!!! im so freaking happy hes out no parole meaning hes moving here some time between feb and like spring break (his sister is in school and might be bringing him down since he doesn’t have a car yet ) but hes out i get to talk to him now on the phone and hes keeping me up to date on his blood sugar and my mom was an L.P.N. and shes said his is right were it should be so thats like supper good in my opinion and my family is talking about sending me to him for an x-mas present to us both so i might get to see him around new years yay im so happy he got out day before yesterday and this is one of the few times i haven’t been talking to him that im on the comp and thinking of how hes doing im bored he had to get off for a bit :frowning: but i have been talking to him for most of the last few days he surprised me by calling the night he got out i squealed and im still smiling i haven’t really smiled in the last 3 years im so happy :slight_smile: ill get to see him soon this is deffinaly my best x-mas yet even if i cant be with him for x-mas i can still talk to him its our third x-mas while together and the first i will be able to talk to him on x-mas :):):slight_smile: im super happy if u cant tell :):):slight_smile: