X2 History Wiped Out

My T.slim x2 history disappeared yesterday and I got a 4T error code. All I have left today in history is today and a faulty yesterday where basal shows up as being 78% of TDD, which is ridiculous. Customer Service told me the error code is for a software malfunction. Since my profile values were unchanged, the pump is considered to be therapeutically functioning and not a risk to my health. Nothing can be done about the missing history and I should continue to use the pump. In other words, no replacement. Has anyone had such a malfunction and did your pump function correctly afterwards?

I have the connect ap on my phone so it’s constantly grabbing the data off the pump.
I never had the problem you have, but it did lose my cgm serial number one time. I just had to enter it again.

These pumps are tiny computers and they glitch from time to time. It might be a good idea to cycle the power off and on again once in a while.

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Yes, I had this happen maybe a year or so ago. It hasn’t happened since or never prior to that. I wouldn’t be too concerned

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Had this happen last Friday. They sent me a replacement pump.

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So did they verbally justify the replacement? Did you have to ask for a replacement or did they just say they were sending one?

I had it happen once, too. I don’t remember the error code, couldn’t remember if at the time either, and there was no record of it on the pump.

The tech support person also told me it didn’t warrant a replacement, had me do a restart, and disconnected while doing so.

I had another problem after the pump powered back on and had to call right back. The pump wouldn’t start, just displayed a "call tech support"message.
This time I got a very concerned, more experienced tech. I could only remember the first few digits of the original error code, 15 or something like that, and she told me that codes starting with those digits DO warrant a replacement and sent it out overnight.

We did a second restart, and this time the pump came back on fine, just without any memory. It worked just fine. I wound up using it for almost 2 weeks because of a family emergency, just didn’t have time to set up the new one. Never saw a problem again before I returned it.

I have learned that if you don’t like the answer you get from tech support, call back and talk to someone different. They seem to have a lot of freedom in how they handle calls. The new ones seem more scared to take your side and seem to think it’s their job to save the company money and stick to the script, the order ones will bend over backwards to help you.

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The ones that have diabetes (or know someone who does) and uses a pump too!!