Xdrip and smartphone decision


They’re taking readings independently (and use a different algorithm) so you have to do it on both. I don’t calibrate xDrip more than once a day and sometimes not even that and find it accurate though!


Far as I know xDrip only reads the data, but I haven’t considered myself a techie since MS-DOS went out of fashion, so don’t take my word for it!


With Xdrip, it is a ONE WAY data path. So you don’t have to worry about it messing with anything else.
It will work just fine along with your dexcom receiver.
It doesn’t play nice if you have dexcom on your phone though.

I do understand the initial apprehension of downloading it, as their site isn’t the most straight forward.

FYI, I just search “Xdrip+ download apk” and that usually send me straight to the page you need to download the apk.


If you can find this device, this would likely be your easiest approach. This was standard equipment shipped with the Dexcom G4 transmitter at a certain point in time unless you had received your G4 as part of a package with the Animas Vibe.
However this receiver is fully compatible with your G4. Notice in the picture below where it says “with share” under “Dexcom”. The “with share” version of the receive is what allows the G4 transmission to be sent over to a smartphone.

Nothing to lose by calling Dexcom and asking if you can order a G4 Receiver with Share. Who knows if they have some still sitting around? Probably they are going to say no but probably worth a phone call.



This may already be clear, but downloading xDrip to a smartphone won’t mean that you’ll get readings from a G4. You’d need the Dexcom with share receiver (or a G5).
(If someone knows better, please correct me.)


I downloaded xDrip+ last week on my Samsung phone. I use a G4 receiver with Share. I am not a programmer or even all that tech savvy. The APP is not available in the Google Play store so I had to use a link that a friend provided. It was simple though.


Yes, I went to xdrip download pages and found the same thing. I’ll look at Eric’s link. Someone I did the pump induction with though, said he has built an xdrip and still uses it - this is what he said,

"The xDrip device picks up the signal from G4 transmitter and then sends it via bluetooth to an Android phone (though I believe it now works with Apple phones too). You then use an Android phone app called xDrip+ which translates the bluetooth signal from the xDrip device into readable graphs etc. "


Or an xdrip which collects the data from G4 and transmits it via xdrip+ app to the Android phone apparently. That’s what I’ve been informed in the meantime. :slight_smile:


Thanks @Tim35 and @Tync - I think I read yesterday that the Dexcom share receiver is no longer available in the UK. It is certainly cheaper to do the xdrip option (£300£50) if I can. But I appreciate the help. And yes, I did get the G4 in a deal with Animas Vibe. :slight_smile: