xDrip can't login to Share

iOS 12.1.3, xDrip 1.5.12

I got the “dead” battery notice from my G5 transmitter, so I’ve switched over to xDrip to extend it since I’m not getting my G6 upgrade until next week sometime. Haven’t used xDrip for awhile, usual problems getting it to pair (Bluetooth is a spawn of Satan) but after a few cuss words I’m all happy and connected. Only I can’t get it to login to Dexcom Share. FWIW the error says “Account name not found” which is total horsepucky. I’ve checked the credentials six ways from Sunday, cut-and-pasted them in so I know there’s no typo, after checking that they work when I log in from a web browser. Just seems to be blocked for some reason. Really frustrating because I use Sugarmate on my laptop and desktop computers but it can’t display my data if xDrip can’t access Share. Any clues out there?

Hah—just found my own answer, but I’ll leave this here in case anyone else runs into the same problem: Settings > Dexcom Share > toggle “Non-US Share URL” to “US Share URL.” Those wacky European developers set the default to Non-US, who knew.


Perhaps that setting picks the site?




Yeah, that would be my guess. Hence “username not found”—separate user databases, presumably.