Xdrip to collect libre usin NFC NO WATCH!

sorry, im new to this just got a smartwatch 3 …

i kitesurf meaning on the water with no cell phone… trying to fing a way to have this watch running ANY program… all i want is being able to scan libre sensor thru nfc and a graph if it’s not too much to ask wihout the cell phone…

i get glimp does that but im using xdrip, is there any way to make this happen thru xdrip?

i dont need the data to be transfered to the cell all i care is not having to worry about my bs as i can be away from the beach for long times and i dont want to have to worry about my bs…

help would be appreciated as i dont know how to dooooo it!

thaaaanks :slight_smile:

Yes, xdrip supports libre and sw3 can be used in standalone mode without the phone. You can ask dev questions at jamorham/xDrip-plus - Gitter

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Such a configuration may help you.
Libre + MiaoMiao + ticwatch as collecter.
Find details in the YouTube links below.

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