xDrip what is ASIC, shelf life, and no battery info?

Hi guys,

I have an early G6 transmitter, 80xxxx range serial number. I am trying to see its information in xDrip with regards to battery info, but I have no battery information showing up in the system status screen, which I normally did for my G5 transmitters.

Any ideas? I’ve followed the setup guide here: xDrip+ settings — AndroidAPS 2.8 documentation

This is what I am seeing:

  1. Anyone know what ASIC means?
  2. What is shelf life referring to? This one has a new battery so is that why it shows 0? Because it was reset?
  3. Anyone know how to get battery info to show? It is not connected to a sensor, just sitting on my table.

Your screen is different than mine, and mine doesn’t have the options you’re asking about.

Mine has setting that shows if native, so your differences may be due to non-native.

Doing a start sensor may provide more data, because it will force read to transmitter.

Hmm okay. Yeah I’ll have to try it with a sensor I guess. My G5 sensors would give battery information without the need for it to be connected to a sensor, though. Do yours?

I’ve never seen a screen like that either.

Just for reference, this is my status page looks like:

Per these docs, did you install the Master version, since you gave 80/81 transmitter with battery replacement ?? Screens may be different than non-Master.

My screen looks similar Robyn’s.

I think you could try loading latest version and see if screen changes.