Yay bacteria! Boo infections

Bacteria are awesome. They make delicious yogurt and cheese. They help me digest cellulose and other knick knacks kicking around in my colon. Heck, they even manufacture my very-vital insulin!! But they have recently colonized in my ear, and I am not happy.

Maybe I was bound to get swimmer's ear, seeing as I'm in the water an hour a day, going strong since January of last year. But I have tried to hard to keep an ear infection at bay. I use ear plugs to prevent water from going in my ears, and try to towel dry my external ears after showering. But those little buggars still made it in. Bats.

I went to the doctor today with a very flaky ear (post warning: that was graphic... ) and she wanted to swab it to make sure it wasn't fungal (diabetics are amicable fungal hosts, eh?). Since it wasn't itchy or painful I was happy that she was going to do this... until, that is, she unknowingly put the camouflaged torture device in my ear canal. Let's just say that if you suspect ANYTHING with a flaky ear, be prepared that any object going into your ear will NOT feel welcomed. Hours later I can still vividly sense the pain from that horrible ordeal.

Other than that, I've had a great day. I'm just always sad to see my body is becoming so easily infected after living with diabetes for 15 years. Bacteria? Colonize this. I am leaving to get antibiotic drops at the pharmacy... double, double, toil and trouble! Mwa ha ha ha.

Sorry to "hear" about your ear infection. They are truly a pain.