Yay! i did it!

When I reach a goal, I find it is very important to give myself a reward. The bigger the goal… the bigger reward.
I quit smoking on xmas eve. And have remained smoke free since. Big accomplishment for me. Therefore big reward!
On Nov. 22 I am hopping on a plane to Mazatlan and I am not coming back until Dec. 27th!!!
Because I deserve it.
I am worthy of such a treat.
It brings me joy.
I saved the money I would have spent on smokes so that I could go.

I am soooooo excited!!!

Sweet!!! You are past the hardest part and now you can consider yourself a non-smoker. It has been years since I gave it up, it was the best thing I ever did for my health. I’d like to quote some of the benefits you should accrue over time:

Within 20 minutes after quitting, blood pressure and heart rate decrease
Within 12 hours, carbon monoxide levels in the blood decrease to normal
Within 3 months, circulation and lung function improve
Within 9 months, there are decreases in cough and shortness of breath
Within 1 year, the risk of coronary heart disease is cut in half
Within 5 years, the risk of stroke falls to the same as a non-smoker, and the risks of many cancers (mouth, throat, esophagus, bladder, cervix) decrease significantly
Within 10 years, the risk of dying from lung cancer is cut in half,[114] and the risks of larynx and pancreas cancers decrease
Within 15 years, the risk of coronary heart disease drops to the level of a non-smoker

Perhaps you can remind yourself over time, that not only do you save money, but every minute that goes by without smoking, your health improves.

Way to go. Have a great time in Mazlatan, you deserve it.

Great stuff karebear and keep up the good work!!

Enjoy your well deserved reward :slight_smile:

One thing that list doesn’t mention is how much is changes your skin! I was getting deep lines around the sides of my nose down to my mouth… which to me is horrible as I have always looked young for my age, but it was getting to the point where I was looking my age!! ( sooo not cool!)
Now the lines have disappeared and even the ones around my eyes are significantly better. I am starting to look young again… and I gotta tell ya, besides the health benefits… for those of us who have a slight vain streak… less wrinkles is reason enough!!! LOL