Yay or Nay to Halftime?

Yay for me.

Black Eyed Peas were super!!


I thought the sound was horrible! It is too bad that a group that is so good vocally was cheated out of what should have been amazing because of a bad sound crew…Also, when fergie was singing with slash, it sounded really bad…again I assume this was the mic. because she has a beautiful voice.

I like the lighting…good choreography…nice effects…Thank God for Auto-tune!

I thought they were horrible. They are so over-produced in the studio that a live show just can’t work for them. Also, Fergie sounded intoxicated half the time, and during ‘Where is the Love?’ she sounded a bit angry (why was she yelling so much instead of singing???). I was extremely disappointed.

Usher was the highpoint.