Yayy I just got it!

Yesterday I had the day off from work because I worked the weekend and I just got done doing some laundry and my doorbell rang!!! It was my dexcom seven +. As you can tell I am VERY excited to use it. I read through some of the instructional things and was wondering, how many of you used your without a training. After reading through the instructional manual and playing with it, I don’t think that I REALLY need a training, but wasn’t sure if it was mandatory or not!!! What do you think?

The information on the Dexcom website was plenty enough for me, and I did not do a “formal” training, though the Dexcom representative called to make sure that everything was working OK after the first sensor installation.

Charge them batteries, and get ready for your first sensor installation… it will change your life, like it did to me 2 1/2 months ago.

Ciao, Luca

I did mine without the training. Took special care to read all of the instructions just because I didn’t want to lose a sensor due to my own stupidity, but it went fine. :slight_smile:

I called my doc, and she didn’t mind a bit. That being said, I think you have to call Dex after you’re up and running if you want them to autoship more sensors. I don’t think they set you until they confirm you’re up and running.


I did it without training…I think you can get started, but I would take the training when you can just so you can learn all of the little tips and tricks. The basics aren’t hard to follow. Just my 2 cents worth…

Same here. No training. Could not hook up with the Dexcom rep. Read the book & you should do fine. The support line is also helpfull if you need them.

Hello Abigail,
I got my Dexcom on Tuesday this week and reviewed the materials on Tuesday night.

Did a training over the phone with a nurse/instructor from Dexcom Wednesday night and up and running today.

The nurse was very knowledgeable and it was beneficial to talk it through. I am glad I did not decide to wait till a formal meeting that would have been three weeks from now.

I believe the training is an FDA thing?

I love it so far. Good Luck.

I was untrained, successful. Since the most nerve-wracking and error-prone part of start up is inserting your first Sensor, be sure to keep looking at Kerri Merrone Sparling’s video: over and over, until you’ve got it down cold.

Congrats, you’re gonna love this!