YEA 65+ in MN!

The State told the hospitals to quit hanging on to surplus vaccine here and start dishing out any extra to the 65+ crowd.

Yeah, old people!!! YEAH!!!

I’ve been calling all morning trying to figure out where it is and how to schedule them appointments because I heard it on the news at 5am when I got up early to work on some stuff.

No luck, yet. :expressionless:

I wanna get at least one of them through the door. It is my side project today for moments when I get sick of working…

Those guys have to wait quite some time, otherwise…according to schedule, which could be meaningless.


I’m waiting for word on this very issue from my governor at 2:00 pm today. I fear the real bottleneck, however, is the capacity to administer injections to this huge newly eligible group. Intentions are fine but meaningful and timely action a bit more difficult.

Oregon says it is waiting for a large delivery of doses due from the Feds on January 23 to start injecting seniors, yet they have 175,000 doses sitting in the deep freeze waiting to administer. Where is the sense of urgency?

I really think we need an FDR-style mobilization of a health-care equivalent of the Civilian Conservation Corps and the public works projects of the 1930s. How long would it take to train an army of vaccine injectors, especially given the unemployment today? As well all know, injections are not complicated!

You may be surprised that 65 does not feel old to me! Perspective is everything.

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Part of me wishes I were 1 year older…I turn 64 next week.

WA seems to have similarly slow distribution and injection. I would like to see some mass vaccination sites set up that can inject thousands of people per day, 24/7. If they build up capacity at some central locations, most people would be willing to stand in line or preschedule appointments even if they have to travel a few hours to get there. These would need to be combined with a more centralized appointment system easily accessible to all by phone or internet.

I am disappointed the state health departments wasted so many months with poorly conceived plans and now are in scramble mode.

Yeah CA did the same thing but our health care system asked us all to not call because they have no information on when they will be getting the vaccines. As usual, not the smoothest rollout. I am in the tier 1C but still waiting.

One dilemma of the 2-dose regimen is that they are holding back those doses waiting to do 2nd injection. Debate over whether better for lots of folks to at least get 1, with hopes a delayed second injection would still be effective.

Each state gets to decide.

@Terry4 I thought the Oregon National Guard was doing as mass injection drive thru style for Tier 1a and 65+ at the Oregon Fairgrounds in Salem yesterday? There has also been talk of the Oregon National Guard doing injection sites in Bend and elsewhere in the state. Has that happened yet?

@MM1 I have no actual knowledge about vaccine strength, but I was reading that some of the vaccine that was held back was designated as 2nd shot only like it was a different strength possibly?

I think some have mentioned to reduce or postpone 2nd dose to enable more people to get vaccine sooner.

I agree heath care workers would benefit most with following original 2 dose treatment. But getting to next sets of people, who likely have lower risk and can continue social distancing, the 2nd dose may be delayed without much difference.

Here is article

I am not injecting politics into this Trump - Azar news cycle but…we 63 year old Type 1s expect our health departments at federal and state level to clearly communicate with each other. We always have regardless of which party is temporarily running things. Hopefully that is a non partisan expectation. In an ideal world the finger pointing would pause while high risk people actually get vaccinated. The miscommunication about physical stockpiles vs future stockpiles on a spreadsheet. occurred a few levels down from the political class. And according to news reports the miscommunication is ongoing. This whole stockpile issue reminds me of the lockbox our social security tax payments are securely held in.

LOL Climbing down from soapbox now.

I read that, too. And I heard some mention of it on the governor’s press conference today.

The big news at this presser is that the feds told the governor that there will be no large allotment of vaccine doses that they promised just a few days ago for delivery on the 23rd.

Therefore Governor Brown has decided that a 100,000 teachers and related school staff will start receiving their vaccinations before the 65+ group. This received many clarifying questions from the press. Kate Brown has previously committed to reopening in person school session starting February 15. The teachers union pushed back as that threatens their health with Covid-19 infection. The governor appears to be delivering this earlier spot in the vaccination queue as leverage to reopen schools as she has promised.

One of the reporters made the point that the age 65+ cohort is suffering deaths every day from Covid-19 and a two-week delay in starting their vaccinations will equate to dozens of deaths that could be avoided. She countered with the damage to the mental health of some students and related stories of threatened suicides in 11-14 year old students.

It sucks that students and their families are pitted against seniors where most of the deaths are occurring. The saving grace is that the school group is only 100,000 while the senior group is much larger at 800,000.

So, the current plan is to start vaccinating teachers and school staff (100,00) in the last week of January and finish with them by February 8.

Then the senior citizens (800,00) would start stratified by age in four sequential groups: first age 80+, second 75+, third 70+, and finally 65+. The speed at which vaccinations will move through these consecutive age groups will be primarily determine by vaccine availability with the quickest schedule at one week per group and the slowest schedule taking 12 weeks for all four groups.

The wild card in all this calculus is the incoming Biden administration may be able to speed up vaccine deliveries and ease conflicts over who gets the vaccine first.

I’m mildly disappointed with the direction this is taking but I’m happy that we’re talking about at least two successful vaccines on the market. I’m also grateful that I don’t have to work and I can minimize my exposure to this virus. I can deal with a few more months of this lifestyle and so many people are living through real personal tragedy.

@MM1 - That ABC News article you linked to has been overtaken by events. Azar told Governor Brown after that there were no vaccines in the federal reserve.


This was the report at 4:30 am. By 6pm they said there was no vaccine and the entire country is out. I didn’t hear of anyone delivering any. I have no idea what is going on.

For the last 2 weeks they have been telling us someone was going to attack MN. Today they said no one ‘credible’ was threatening to attack Minnesota.

I don’t think they are creating click bait. I think none of them have any idea what is going on anywhere. Maybe its because everyone is in lockdown.

MN is going to do this too.

Today, with very little warning, they announced some pop up clinic appointments for people 65+ to gain access to ‘left over’ vaccine from hospital staff in my State. I dropped everything immediately and had an hour to assemble a team.

It was a frantic, mad dash all day long. The phone lines went down immediately. Lots of the old people were more comfortable on the phones and wanted to call to schedule. So, I manned the computer stuff. The software scheduling application failed within minutes, but through repeatedly trying over the course of the day, I was able to get 6 people waitlisted.

I did not do this on my own. I had 3 people attempting to schedule from different computers. 2 of us ended up being able to access the application. We spoke on the phone and discussed the application errors we were seeing. When 1 person reported getting into the system, the other 2 people jumped to get in. I got pretty far in the scheduling process before the application seized up due to Heroku failures. In the end, I was the only one who was able to schedule and I scheduled all 6 people.

Be ready. It was super stressful. It took teamwork and a lot of time and effort. The elderly are not good with computers and they require the young to ‘back them up,’ with this.

I also spoke with someone today who is married to a teacher. They had received 60 dosages at her school. I am very, very worried that no one else 65+ will be vaccinated for a long time. It is possible that none of the six I waitlisted will get through, but perhaps someone does. Totally worth the effort if someone from high risk 65+ group can get a vacc. There is hope.

I was pretty heartbroken the other day when they announced there might be vacc for the old people and then they announced that there was none. It made my determination to get though today pretty strong. If something like this pops up in your State, it will take determination to get through. Don’t give up.

If you need help, if you need a team and there is time, reach out the community here for help. Maybe we can assemble a team.