Year Six = Transformational

I realized something the other day.

Even as I found myself making progress toward putting the anguish of Eric's diabetes diagnosis behind me, Eric himself is making amazing strides at learning what he needs to know to take care of himself. For instance, just in the past six months, he has:

• Started taking his own blood sugar readings (I had to bribe him, but once he'd done it once, he seemed to really like the fact that it was in his control now).

• Started learning how to program his insulin pump — he unlocks it and follows the step-by-step directions I give him to give himself a bolus, and he is almost at the point where I'm ready to let him do the steps without prompting, although I'm not going to let him bolus himself unsupervised yet. He's also very good about making sure he locks it every time.

• Begun to independently recognize and treat lows when he feels them coming on; he also understands that if he exercises, he'd better check his BG and/or take some sugar with him to ensure he stays in range.

• Started learning how and when to change his insulin pump reservoir.

Not bad for a kid just 7 years old.

great strides in independence! I think you are doing awesome in 'inviting' him into his own care in appropriate ways. independence, trust and feeling confident not scared by a hovering mom ( ok I can be that mom at times only when he doesn't step up and do what I with a very capital I thinks is appropriate!) breathe, step back, trust! I think if we just make them feel empowered that they can handle this it is a big help in how they move forward in the world. Also that this is what it is, it is their reality ( like it or not) and this is how they role. with us as their cheer leaders, trying to make it all seem seamless, and trying not to make way to many of our conversations with them D related! blessings to you both, amy

That's amazing. There are certain years where they seem to take leaps, but they are at a minimum always taking baby steps. For Caleb, third grade was a big leap to independence. He started doing all his care at school himself with only supervision and confirmation. He's now in 6th grade. It was an easy transition to middle school. I remember I used to wonder about middle school and if he would be ready. As with all things, they learn and grow and prosper at their own rate with our encouragement and guidance. It's nice to watch.

The school nurse has taken to having Eric give lessons in BG-taking and pump programming to trainee nurses & LPNs who come to the school. She says he's a very good teacher :)