YES it's me, JB

That Jo and JB did live past the car accident we had, caused by a 17 year old girl experimenting with stick shift gears. We were standing still and waiting for making a left turn, when our car’s frame got lifted by a smaller car coming in at great speed. Both cars were write offs. We got whiplash and back pain but are recovering very well. It is hard to kill an old Dutchman I tell you!

The diabetes? Up and down like it has been doing for 51 years! Bought a new Honda Civic, great car, smaller than the Ford Taurus we had but big enough for us. Will return soon with some interesting diabetes subjects for your enjoyment. Hope that is ok with you all!


Good Lord. I hope you are feeling better, JB!

Van harte beterschap to a fellow Dutchman JB. Hopefully you feel better again very soon!

Dang! At least you get to get a new car :wink: Take care!

By “experimenting,” I presume you mean “pretending to be an Indy car driver”? Glad you are OK!

Agree about killing old Dutch man ( and Dutch woman ) …tough , tough , tough genes …it they can survive eating tulip bulbs , they can survive anything …take my word !
Hang in !

Oh my goodness how scary! Glad you are on the healing path.