Yes, same topic, different strategy

@Jason99, I know there’s no ill intent. I am scarred by the previous discussion that let to this one. It must be avoided at all costs, lol, for a little while.

@MM1, I feel the same. I actually feel pretty secure with Omnipod. I expect that once commercial systems take it over (which is a whole other can of worms), the cell phone will be removed from the mix and the main attack vector will be removed. I think we have some time to play with it, without much concern. Even if there are some concerns, its important enough that we need to collect the data. That is critical for development.

What I have been stuck on is the degree of reliance on the internet connection. I think I’m configured wrong because I see Loop errors when my internet goes down during the big thunderstorms we’ve been having. I think it breaks the comm between Dex Share and Loop, but I haven’t looked into it much. Thats just a guess.

Would using a VPN help in your case? I use one that covers my home network and our cellular network. I’m not familiar with what the loop requires to function properly.

Perhaps. I figured I would try the standard setup and then work my way up to a VPN or trying a VM installation. Thanks for the reminder to keep pushing forward. I’ll post the question about internet reliance to the peoples who know. Its my job to investigate. I’m falling short on that end. Thanks for reminding me to keep pushing ahead.