Yesterday Was Quite Eventful

Yesterday I had a scare with my pump.I am on the Animas 2020 and we have a swimming pool.I have been in the water numerous times before without a hitch.The first warning sign I had was when I went under water I heard the alarm on my pump.I have had it for only 2 years.I got out of the water and went into the house.I looked at the screen and it was blank.I tried putting in a new battery and tried rewind and it came up with a message to call service.I called and they said they could get me a new one within 4 hours.Whew!I could still see approxiamately how much insulin I would need for supper beings it was around that time that it stopped working.I took an injection for my supper.We had just finished eating and my new pump was here.It took only about a few hours to get it to me.

thats realy cool

That is really awesome.

hi i too have a swimming pool i never wear my pump in i was taught to take it off during swimming and bathing my bs doesnt vary that might occasionaly i will have to take coverage after swimming hope that helps ((HUGS)) julie

I don’t believe it was the water that made it malfunction.I went in the pool lots of other times prior to this.I think it was purely coincidental.