Yesterday's Visit with Diabetes Educator

Yesterday, Friday 2nd February 2008 was my appointment with my Diabetes Educator.

She was pleased with my lower BG readings but I still have some work to do to bring down the morning numbers.

Last visit I was told to measure my levels between 2.00-3.00am in the mornings but I'm afraid I only did it a couple of times so it was a bit hard to tell if it could be Dawn Syndrome. And the Educator said that she recommends I continue taking the same dosage of Lantus at night and to try and get up around 3.00am to test. She said if I notice a constant pattern of lows during the night to then cut down the Lantus from 100 units to 90 units and the Endo will take a look at it when I see him in 2 weeks time.

I have to see her again in about 4 weeks.

She told me to bring in my BG Monitor next time I see her so she can check to see how accurate it is.
I have and Accu-Chek Advantage which is about 7-8 years old so it's getting on a bit. To test it, today before lunch I tested me BG level first with mine and then immediately with my mums (she has a new Accu-Chek Go) and there was a difference of 1 point, mine marked 9.8 mmol/L and mums marked 8.8 mmol/L.
So maybe it's time for a new Monitor but I'll wait and see what the Educator says when she checks it.

I mentioned the pretty constant lows I get before or after lunch and she told me to adjust the Novorapid accordingly to the carbs I eat, which is pretty much what I've been doing. So as the Endo had previously told me, 12 units of Novorapid for each 15g carb.

I asked for some information about a pump, what she thought about it and if it was worthwhile my getting one. She told me that it would be very expensive for me because I am a Type 2 and only Type 1's get the pumps and whatever goes with them subsidised by the government. So i might as well forget about that idea.

She told me that the "Weight No Longer Club" (similar to Weight Watchers) meetings I was attending weekly, before my mum had her operation, will finish in March but they will be starting a new program called "Diabetes Improvement Program" {DIP). It will be a 12 week weight loss challenge.
It will be aimed at:

  • improving health & diabetes control
  • losing weight
  • motivation to follow a healthy eating plan
  • committing to making lifestyle changes
  • willingness to increase physical activity level
  • preparing to put in hard work
  • support & guidance

Well I have booked myself into this program which starts march 6th, 1.00pm to 2.00pm!
What have I done!!
But seriously, if I want to lose weight and get better control over my diabetes I have to do this.

Another thing she recommended I do is ask my Doctor for an "Enhanced Primary Care Plan" (EPC) which will enable me to have 5 free sessions per year with an Exercise Physiologist.

She told me to try and restart the "Walk in Water" classes as soon as possible, which I am hoping to do next week.

She also contacted a group called "Heart Moves" for me that hold all types of light exercise classes (aerobics, weights, aqua aerobics) for seniors. They are currently setting up the dates for their class for 2008 and they will call me once they have the dates and classes sorted out.

Well, I don't know how I'm going to manage all this, it just seems like so much. I also have 2 operations coming up, but I'm going to try my darnedest to try and do it all. I really need to!

And last but not least, as I was getting up, she gave me a handful of pamphlets in regard to most of the stuff we talked about and she told me if I need anything not to hesitate to give her a call.